The Time Travelers


Action / Sci-Fi

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Merry Anders as Carol White
Steve Franken as Danny McKee
Philip Carey as Steve Connors
John Hoyt as Varno
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mhorg2018 6 / 10

Ib never got the credit he deserved

If it weren't for Ib Melchior, Irwin Allen would never have made Lost in Space or The Time Tunnel. Yet Allen had connections so Ib mostly shut up. This, one of my three favorite time travel movies from the 60s (then others being the incomparable The Time Machine & Beyond the Time Barrier) is so well done it transcends it's low budget. Every penny is on screen. A group of scientists opens a portal into the future - a horrible one - and must find a way home.

Reviewed by Bogmeister 8 / 10

Time Traveling can be a mind-warp, er, headache

The reason a film such as this (low budget '50s or '60s sci-fi) is on many viewers favorites lists is not necessarily fond childhood memories or nostalgia - it's because it's well made. Of course, they had very little money for props and such, but the story is more inventive than 95% of the stuff that's released now or has been since the nineties; no, make that the eighties. Yes, I'm one of those guys who saw it 30 years ago as a kid on TV during a Saturday matinée slot or something; but I've seen it again within a couple of years ago and it's still quite entertaining. Here, the writers proposed a question, a 'what if?' question about time travel. What if certain people, a small group of scientists, accidentally invented a time travel device? What if they used it? (Again, accidentally). What if the device short-circuited too early? What if this, what if that - and so on, with inventive answers provided to each question. If you've never seen this picture, you're in for a treat - you'll be wondering what's the next answer every 5 to 10 minutes. This is a quality sorely lacking in most films today. Maybe all the good ideas have been used. The same concept was utilized a couple of years later in the short-lived "Time Tunnel" TV series, but that show lacked the wild turns of this sci-fi set up. Some of the further situations in this story of the future are a bit goofy, but I believe it's intentional. The ending, which I won't give away here, actually puts some pressure on the viewers to wrap their minds around. Watch for famous sci-fi fan & publisher Forrest J.Ackerman in a cameo. Whatta trip!

Reviewed by contradad-1 10 / 10

An excellent sci-fi film...

This film has a lot of imagination, an intelligent script, some fine acting and special effects that combine to make an excellent sci-fi film. Those of you who have seen it have probably never forgotten it. The plot concerns a team of scientists working on a viewing screen designed to show images of the past, present, and hopefully the future. Faced with an imminent cut-off of funding, they push the equipment to the limit and a short-circuit results. Accidentally, the view screen produced an image of a devastated earth only 107 years in the future. Even more shocking is the discovery that a portal has been opened, and the scientists are able to step through the screen just as the portal implodes behind them leaving them trapped in the future.....Without revealing any more of the plot, I will just say that the shock ending is one of the best in science fiction. Trivia: the University Campus used in the film was the University of Southern California, and the tall mutants in the film were played by the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team for their exceptional height.

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