The Story of Ruth


Drama / History / Romance

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Charles Horvath as Cart Driver
Ziva Rodann as Orpah
Victor Buono as Guard
Peggy Wood as Naomi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

"Thy People Shall Be My People"

Anyone expecting an elephantine spectacle with a cast of thousands for this Old Testament story will be sadly disappointed. The Story of Ruth simply does not lend itself to that kind of treatment. In fact for the screen quite a bit of liberties were taken with the story in terms of adding plot that the Old Testament Book of Ruth simply doesn't have.

Ruth is an unusual character in the Bible. First she's a female protagonist, one of a select few there. Secondly her story gets its own book in the Old Testament, a short item of only four chapters. Lastly she's the first non-Hebrew protagonist in the Bible since Abraham sired the Hebrew people.

It's a simple story in the Old Testament. Ruth is one of two Moabite women who marry the sons of Elimelech and Naomi. When Elimelech and sons Mahlon and Chillion die, leaving Naomi a widow with two widowed daughters-in-law, Naomi decides to return to Israel. One daughter-in-law, Orpah, bids her goodbye. Daughter-in-law Ruth however says she will not desert her. She's going to give up the life and culture of Moab and her people will be Naomi's people in the most famous line from the Book of Ruth.

That's all there is to explain Ruth the Moabite coming to live in Israel with her mother-in-law. Director Henry Koster directed a film with a whole involved plot which goes into Ruth being a Moabite priestess and the reason for the death of all the men in that family. It's a nice story, but not the Old Testament.

The second half of the film involves Ruth and Naomi and a blood relative's named Boaz and Boaz's courtship of Ruth. Boaz has a rival in another relative who is closer to Naomi who's name isn't mentioned, but the film names as Tob. We get a few more details from the Bible for the screenwriters to work with in this part.

Henry Koster directed many a film with a religious theme and had success with The Robe and A Man Called Peter among others. This film is not as good as the other two, but still is both reverent and entertaining.

The cast performs well. Israeli actress Elana Eden is in the title role and like her fellow Israeli thespian Haya Harrareet from Ben-Hur saw her career dissipate in the Sixties. The two men in her life are Tom Tryon as Mahlon and Stuart Whitman as Boaz. Broadway veteran Peggy Wood is Naomi and the best in the film is Jeff Morrow as the overbearing and drunken Tob who with a little bit of trickery Eden gets to renounce his claim on her. It was the law back in the day.

The real story of Ruth is in that title phrase. Before there was a New Testament and a group of men were told to spread the faith, this story shows that God is taking converts. His wisdom and mercy are not the exclusive property of one race, but are universal. And in fact the children of Boaz and Ruth start the royal line of Israel beginning with their great grandson David.

But it all begins with how Boaz and Ruth get together.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Historical melodramatic flick with awesome actors and fine direction

This 20th Century Fox Biblical epic inspired by the scriptural tale deals with the beautiful Ruth (Elana Eden , this character was intended for Susan Strasberg , who was tested for the part, but the studio decided to go for an unknown), she is a Moabitess priestess under orders of hight religious hierarchy (Viveca Lindfors) , as their cruel religion makes sacrifices children to God Moloch in a pagan civilization . Later on , Ruth is drawn both to a Judean man and to his talk of a forgiving God . As she is enamored by a young Jewish (Tom Tryon) and decides to renounce his former gods . Then tragedy strikes, she begins a new life in Bethlehem . As arriving in Israel along with her mother-in-law (Peggy Wood), where she discovers true faith and works as an ear-woman . Although she is excluded by the Jewish community ; however , getting various suitors such as Boaz (Stuart Whitman) and Tob (Jeff Morrow).

This Biblical retelling film results to be an enjoyable story with all the spectacle of heathen idolatry , human sacrifice , pagan revels , romance , drama , a love story and fascinating scenarios . It's a known epic story of Ruth whose descendant will be King David , dealing with all the beauty of one of the Bible's timeless love stories . Elana Eden as Ruth is marvelous, however she barely acted after this realization , the veteran Peggy Wood is magnificent and Stuart Whitman as the tough Boaz makes an agreeable interpretation . Colorful and spectacular cinematography in CinemaScope by Arthur Arling , being stunningly reflected on the sensational outdoors . The luxurious costumes by the usual designer Nino Novarese . Sensitive and evocative musical score by the classic Franz Waxman . The film well well directed with big budget by Henry Koster . The picture will appeal to religious genre fans and Biblical history buffs . Rating : Good and nice , it's worthwhile seeing. I would recommend to see it wholeheartedly.

Reviewed by Gunn 8 / 10

This is really a good movie!

I have always liked biblical epics and thought that I'd seen them all, but while watching a feature on them I saw listed "The Story of Ruth." I knew nothing of this story of the Old Testament, so I purchased the DVD. The film, made in 1960, shortly after the release of "Ben Hur" was not an epic in the sense of 'a cast of thousands' with big name stars, but rather a simply told story, both moving and charmingly portrayed by a cast who excelled in their respective roles and brilliantly directed by Henry Coaster, with a literate script by Norman Corwin. Stuart Whitman was never better than in his role as Boaz and newcomer Elana Eden was stunningly beautiful and very impressive as Ruth. In fact, it surprises me that her career waned after "Story of Ruth." The always great Peggy Wood was Oscar worthy as Naomi and the rest of the players were also well cast. Franz Waxman's score was moving and added a reverence to the entire film. It seemed pretty accurate for the most part. I wondered if there was any truth to the fact that Ruth was sold to the Moabites by her father, as my sources (Biblical dictionaries) are pretty concise. To summarize, I must say that I really enjoyed this film!

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