The Steam Experiment



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Val Kilmer as Jimmy
Eric Roberts as Grant
Armand Assante as Detective Mancini
Patrick Muldoon as Christopher
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Reviewed by huskiefan-1 3 / 10


I rent DVD's to pass the time on airplanes. Sadly, staring out at the clouds would have been better entertainment than this. I am not the best movie critic....I don't want to have to go back to college to figure out what a movie is about. In this Chaos, I didn't know if I was watching a psycho describe an event in real time, a past event, or a delusion that was only in his mind. This reminds me of Jacob's never really knew what you were watching. The slow motion scenes in the spa were disjointed, and painfully slow to get through. If there was any sense at all of hot, sweaty panic, it was lost with the switching back to a particularly unappealing Val Kilmer sitting at an empty table staring into space. Finally, the ending was exactly the sort of finish I hate. You can guess and make presumptions, but you really have absolutely no idea what you just watched.

Reviewed by transient-2 3 / 10

hot air

The story unfolds as a mentally ill professor (Val Kilmer) confesses to a newspaperman and later a detective, that he's holding a group of men and women hostage in a steam room; they were lured there with the offer of a dating service, and now the hot steam will slowly kill them by dissolving their lungs if the professor's theories about global warming are not printed in the paper. We're not entirely sure if these victims are being held, if they're already dead, or if Val Kilmer's character is merely delusional; unfortunately, in confusing our understanding of reality and the passage of time, the film altogether removes us from the feeling of suspense.

Presumably the intent is to show how social constraints and civilized behavior will collapse into chaos under pressure, since the victims all become infantile and turn on each other in flashbacks. In this case however the pressure seems pretty damn mild - the victims are sweating in a steam room from the very beginning, so all they can really do is sweat more. We add a little more steam, and they pant. Now they look tired. They make tortured faces at each other, quietly lamenting a lack of iced tea. But since the scenes are intercut with police interviews outside, we lose the feeling of claustrophobia, and the conflict between the victims seems inexplicable; it's implied they've already been compromised by their own neuroses but we haven't seen enough of these characters to mark their descent - all we see are silly histrionics. Just as annoying, the film relies on the stereotype of Italian-Americans as insensitive mobster-types; roughly sketched in the cretinoid detective, this crystallizes completely when an imprisoned restaurateur instantly transforms to a misogynistic brute, calling each woman a 'b*tch" and just attacking someone. He tries to escape by smashing the locked door and you'd think this action would be welcome, but for unknown reasons it causes violence among them. One scene jumps out as especially bizarre. We hear the operatic strains of 'comrades being slain on the battlefield' music as the victims simply look at each other in desperation for more than five full minutes, in slow-motion. At the end of this montage, one woman just stands up and cuts her own throat with a shard of glass. She could no longer endure the agony of waiting in the sauna.

The conclusion attempts to outline some relationship that Kilmer has with another mad, diabolical doctor as an accomplice. I'm not sure why, and I'll abstain from offering any interpretation of this conclusion, since it struck me as utterly nonsensical.

Reviewed by Floop1977 1 / 10

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Let's keep this short and sweet. This movie is a total disaster. The plot makes no sense at all. The acting is dreadful. The writing is appalling. The music is absurd. The production must have been disastrous, as the movie is only 90 minutes long yet there are an enormous amount of padded super-slow-motion scenes. One scene was over FIVE MINUTES LONG, of nothing but actors gurning in slow motion while some pompous over-bearing music droned on. The ending is ridiculous. All in all, a total fail of a movie. I would have rather watched adverts for 90 minutes. The people involved in making this should never be allowed to make another movie again.

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