The Sound of Identity



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rehan_abbasi93 9 / 10

Epic and moving, The Sound of Identity soars above and beyond!

To say that James Kicklighter's 'The Sound of Identity' is one of the best documentaries in recent memory is not an understatement. Touching the issues of both transgender identity as well as the expansive creativity of the operatic art form, the documentary manages to capture the personal struggles of the artist before a career defining performance in the conservative city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Performing Wolfgang Mozart's Don Giovanni is no easy feat and no transgender woman has ever done so in the two hundred odd years since the piece first premiered in 1787. However, here comes Lucia Lucas, a trailblazing transgender with unparalleled creativity. As the film crew follows Lucia from a time period of six weeks before the performance right up until post opening night, we are provided a glimpse into both the personal and professional struggles of the artist as she contemplates everything from her family to the probable audience response to her performance.

From a technical perspective, 'The Sound of Identity' is damn near perfect. Not only is Mozart's music captured in stunning detail but the camera work is top notch as well with perfect lighting and color grading amplifying the mood of the documentary. The pacing of the story is something to behold as well as Kicklighter ensures that there is never a dull moment during the entire length of the story.

Perhaps the best thing about 'The Sound of Identity' is that it works in more ways than one. At the core of the narrative is the first transgender woman to perform as Don Giovanni who successfully makes her mark as a rising talent waiting for bigger opportunities. Lucia succeeds in electrifying the film with her powerful performance, shocking the audience into taking notice of her raw talents as she blows away the expectations placed on her.

But 'The Sound of Identity' is as much about the artist as it is about the art itself. With opera threatened to be overshadowed by other artforms around the world, this stunning documentary will undoubtedly bring much needed attention to opera itself, providing an impetus to the artform that is threatened by its expensive cost and decreasing global audience.

A touching and magnificent odyssey of the journey of Lucia Lucas as she finds fame in America, The Sound of Identity not only exemplifies the appeal of the opera but also immortalizes its protagonist. Stunningly well made, the film is sure to win several accolades in the awards circuits of the near future.

Reviewed by spmjm 10 / 10

One of the best documentaries of its kind...

I'll make this quick, because I rarely write reviews, but TSI warrants major praise.

So much commentary on so many different issues presented... But it's not just the way the film is constructed (which is marvelous), but the fact Kicklighter doesn't try to overemphasize some social justice message, or an opinion on the arts, or opera, or trans rights. It simply--for the most part (there were 5 seconds where it does not do that at all, and it's sort of awkwardly funny)--observes. Which I know firsthand is such a difficult tone to strike in this type of documentary, to put a more or less objective spotlight on a subject and the subject matter they bring to the forefront. Never a dull moment either in a story that, on paper, you would never expect to be this intensely riveting.

Anyway. Absolute must-see. And if it's not shortlisted for an Oscar, something's amiss.

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