The Song


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

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Sue-Lynn Ansari as Musician
Alan Powell as Jed King
Ali Faulkner as Rose Jordan King
Brad Leland as Mr. Harrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daniel-j-hall-vt 10 / 10

Well-done & Inspiring

I did not know what to expect when I saw the screening of this movie, and boy was I surprised. I knew it was based on the life of King Solomon but nothing else.

The script and acting quality was top-notch, and the directing was well executed. I was drawn into the storyline and found myself rooting for the characters. It was a wonderful movie to take my wife to for our anniversary, and we found ourselves talking about it for days after we saw it.

The movie is intense at times and probably not suitable for young children, but I highly recommend it for teens and up!

Reviewed by naturallyrockin 8 / 10

Solid in every way + Every performing artist should watch this movie

I looked up this movie out of curiosity, once I discovered that Alan Powell -- a former member of Anthem Lights -- had left the group to pursue an acting career, and The Song was his first. Anthem Lights has been my favorite singing group since they debuted their first album. Making the transition from singer to actor doesn't always work, so I wanted to see this movie for myself -- which I did last night.

I had no preconceived ideas or pre-knowledge about this movie. It was interesting, stylistically, to see how the movie unfolded. Fortunately, I was familiar with the story & writings of Solomon, so I was able to track with the movie -- and found it to be creatively & masterfully woven. But someone unfamiliar with Solomon's writings might not understand or enjoy the format. The storyline itself though, is great, and everyone should be able to appreciate the realism of the drama and the life story it tells.

Personally, I was super-impressed (and surprised) by Alan's acting ability -- he is obviously a natural, and belongs on the screen. The entire film was solid -- cinematography, acting, editing, writing. If someone saying this is a "Christian" movie would scare you away, don't let it. I would not really know it was a Christian movie -- just a real movie about life and the true struggles of mankind.

Reviewed by musicman929 10 / 10

A++ Must see!

Great story, great acting, great music, great message. You can't go wrong with this one! Its a love story but also has the excitement of music and life on the road. It deals with real life issues with couples and the struggles of relationships. The music scenes alone are worth seeing it. Wonderfully crafted songs with great musicianship and slick performance footage. The cinematography is beautifully done. The three lead actors are new to the craft and pull their rolls of great. "Faith-based" films too often shy away from issues of sex, drugs, drinking, affairs, and marital struggles, but not this one. It hits hard and goes deep. It is layered with parallels to king David's and Solomon's lives, and the narration is straight from Solomon's writings.

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