The Sleepless


Action / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 47

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Ajay Naidu as Vivek
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisbellyay 10 / 10


Wonderful film in the vein of the "Before" series -- two people meeting, having an extended discussion. Feels real time, and you can see issues and problems being worked out. The two butt heads, learn from another. The film avoids theatricality and just feels *real*. Shot in beautiful black and white, the aesthetics give the material an even greater gravity. Lead performances are engrossing and likeable and, most importantly, human. Charming. A must see!

Reviewed by kinzeuk 7 / 10

Winning little indie romance

I just watched this and thought I'd leave a little review to go under the only other one on here currently and pretty much echo what that reviewer said! I am a big fan of not just indie movies but even some more mainstream films that are very character/dialogue based and feel like you're privy to watching two real people meet and talk in mostly very realistic fashion (think 'Before Sunrise' or another recent indie favourite of mine, 'First Comes Like').

The performances are excellent, the crisp black and white photography and relative quietness of the locations (obviously down to Covid restrictions) lend to the atmosphere and tone of the movie. I found the two leads to be thoroughly engaging and I appreciated how much some of their philosophies and views on life echoed mine. It almost makes me want to go out and wander the streets in the vain hope of meeting a like-minded soul except where I live in the UK, nothing is really open late :-)

Well worth your time if this sounds like the sort of thing you dig.

Reviewed by cyclops_screener 9 / 10

Loved this movie!

I'm drawn to limited location,limited character stories, movies that look more like stage plays than movies. This small, quirky movie hit all the right notes and more than a few great surprises. The writing, acting and direction are so good, you are unaware of them. The film gets 9/10 stars because it is dialogue heavy. The actors handled this very well, the script is very strong, wide open, going in many directions, but without a feeling of aimlessness. The conversation moves like a real conversation. At heart, I came to care about these characters right away, I was interested in them, their stories, and if and how they would connect. There is not clever plot, no twist at the end -- just what I enjoy most in movies: spontaneity, a pulse, a story told by people who are really committed to the story. I really loved this film.

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