The Slashening


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 182

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brown_bug_21 1 / 10


Were you trying to make this movie as lame as possible? Because you sure succeeded.

Reviewed by InDyingArms 5 / 10

Successful, and quite decent for a genre - parody

Heads up to horror fans who are looking for complete, and utter seriousness in your horror films, skip this. However if you enjoy complete craziness; parody - themed horror movies, poking fun at the genre, "The Shashening" will give horror fans a hilarious, completely crazy time that actually draws it's point at poking it's fun.

This review will be quite short due to most reviews of mine actually having to do with elements featured with given emphasis - Not saying this film features no emphasis; emphasis revolving around a non - parody themed story. The idea of this film I felt was quite good. The idea of poking fun at the sub-genre of horror that features the most clich├ęs, that being the slasher sub-genre. The idea of making fun of it, and drawing a point of what it mostly typically all is was honestly great. It's also lots of fun for us, audience to see all the mayhem and hilarious fun that was made toward making fun of the genre. I felt as if, as well, the movie had some really nice execution, especially with the fact of its micro-budget. The film managed to make the best of it with it's hilariocity, and over the top fun, and ridiculous nature. There were some funny scenes of which had some good humor, giving some small laughs, ranging from characters, character execution, dialogue, and simple scenes.

In conclusion, as, honestly there's not much to say in terms with serious horror elements. This film was actually enjoyable. It had charm, charm of which was carried out in a smooth, successful execution, drawing the movies parody genre point straight across the line. It succeeded by defeating its micro-budget with funny executions throughout the entire film, relieving it from being a parody of which falls under the mark. Overall smooth, decent execution for a smooth, decent film. I'd recommend for those looking for something funny; comedy, horror.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10

A highly enjoyable parodic slasher/comedy

Breaking up with her boyfriend, a woman joins her girlfriends at a sleepover party and try to help her get over the situation, but as the night goes on and they start to disappear they realize someone might be lurking around the party killing them off one-by-one for nefarious reasons and have to try to get away to survive the night.

This was a pretty solid slasher comedy. What works best here is the willingness to embrace the silly side of the scenario and get quite goofy which can produce some genuine laughs. From the opening seduction attempt that goes wrong, the sing-a-long in the car-ride or the confrontation with the police officer, these all offer up the kind of film this is going to be quite easily and early. This becomes all the funnier the longer it goes on here, including the antics at the party between each other girls or the hilarious efforts of the best friends to try to make up with each other after learning of the betrayal all tend to go for a high dose of zaniness that's quite enjoyable and appealing. Continually going along with this kind of silly and whacked out scenarios, these go along quite well with the parody-based genre humor employed as well where a lot of the scenes here are twisted and goofy examples of genre scenes. Opening with shots of a killer whacking people with a boombox or the unbelievably funny running gag with the pizza deliverymen gives this a highly enjoyable slice of genre setups with outright silliness. That carries on into the finale where the various figures left alive are involved with the killer which manages to not only get somewhat chilling with the killer popping out unexpectedly while still having some fun with setting up the various tropes and expectations featured here. Overall, these are what hold this one up for the most part. There are some issues with the film. One of the main problems is the low-point in the running time where the pace drops off and tends to forget a lot of its intentions to get through a cheating side-story that doesn't need to be there. This doesn't provide the film with much in the name of either goofy antics or slasher setups which tends to cause the pacing to lag considerably during this section. As well, the film tends to go for the joke far more often than the scares which might not be as appealing to some who will want a more realistic effort as the preponderance of silliness might be quite off-putting for those that prefer the more straightforward genre efforts. These are all that's wrong with it.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, comedically excessive drug use.

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