The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders



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Denise Richards as Candice
Josie Davis as Ms Sinclair
Savannah Lee May as Ava Scott
Tilky Jones as Mr. Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by buckikris 8 / 10

Dying To Belong: Becoming A Cheerleader

I saw this on Lifetime, and was surprised it was good for a chick flick. Cheer leading was never my thing; because I thought it was too girly. I was involved in my schools Varsity basketball, softball, and track teams. In my school cheer leading was about image, clicks, who's dating who; and the obvious. So is the cheer leading image true, who knows? What I do know is some will do anything to belong.

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders is about the dangers of hazing and it's consequences. The story takes place in California at Roosevelt High School, home of the Lions. The school has the best cheer team in the state, and the veteran cheerleaders are queens of the school. They can get anything they want, because they are the best. Their cheer captain is Katrina Smith(Alex Deberry), she is very controlling and loves to haze the newbies. These hazing rituals range from binge drinking, locking newbies in cages til their breaking point, spreading rumors, and forced stripping. None of the veteran members will stand up to her, they just let her do what she wants. Sure they will talk behind her back, but they know she unstable. Katrina will do anything to stay on top, no matter what. The coach Ms. Sinclair( Josie Daves) knows what goes on but all she cares about is her legacy as the best cheer coach.

When the new girl , Ava( Savannah May) begins at Roosevelt High, she's upset no dance team. Her mom Candice( Denise Richards) tells her she should go out for the Cheer team. Candice was a Captain of her team; and would love it if her daughter follows in her footsteps.

When Ava makes the team she loves it at first. She develops a relationship with Patrick( Gunner Burkhardt). Katrina starts to get jealous, and tries to break up the two. Patrick tells her the initiation process will be quick, and he had to go through it in football. So at first Ava goes along with it, but when it starts to cost people their spot on the team she gets concerned. One night the hazing goes way too far. Katrina has Tiffany( Gracie Bradley), Julie (Scarlett Cowan), and Ava Strip down to almost nothing. They don't realize Katrina is uploading it to the football team and the guys are voting for the best bod. Ava has enough and slaps the I-Phone out of her hand.

Allison( Laury Speights), a former cheerleader who Katrina hazed so bad Allison was arrested. Allison and Ava are Chem. partners and she warned Ava she made a big mistake. She told her Katrina will make her life a living hell, and she does. One day Ava overhears a conversation about her and Katrina. She is shocked and realizes she needs to stop Katrina. So she gets a plan underway.

The next day Tiffany calls Ava & tells her she can't locate Julie. She believe she has Allison, and Julie at the same place they were hazed at before. When they arrive Katrina has Allison walking on top of the ledge trying to get her so nervous. When Ava arrives with another cheerleader they get Katrina talking. Katrina starts talking about all the hazing, about what they did to Allison, among other things. In the background Patrick walks up holding an I-Phone. It is recording everything Katrina has said and it's been live streamed to the cops. The ending is classic when she is taken into custody. While being led away in cuffs, her boyfriend walks up to her and says " I think it's about time we break up". A great ending with a crowd of students watching.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Mean girls - the Cheerleaders

This teen drama from Lifetime is an acceptable take down the mean girl hazing witch cheerleader captain. There are some snappy dance cheer numbers. The lead actress is quite sweet. The mean girl isn't pretty enough. Denise Richards is nice to see again and her face looks slightly different.

Reviewed by tammyoliver-71551 10 / 10

Great Movie

I enjoyed the movie. Good acting and was glad to see Denise Richards acting again.

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