The Sadist


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2272

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeanspillane 8 / 10

Scorching Nihilism.

I have to say, I was a little worried that after all the great things I had heard about "The Sadist" that I would be let down in the end. After all, its an early sixties cheapie thriller starring Arch Hall Jr. and its probably just overrated for its bleak attitude which is so uncommon in films of that era. Right?


The plot is simple but strong. Three teachers on the way to an L.A. Dodgers game have car trouble and pull into a house/car garage on the side of the road. They search for help but the place seems to be abandoned... However there is warm pie and uneaten food on the kitchen table of the house. Something is definitely amiss and all three teachers are feeling somewhat uncomfortable when suddenly the find out they aren't so alone after all... A cackling Charlie Tibb (Arch Hall Jr.) and his twisted lolita of a girlfriend (Marilyn Manning) creep out of the graveyard of abandoned cars and take the situation into their control...

"The Sadist" is truly a great movie. Arch Hall Jr. gives us one of cinema's greatest maniacs, some one on par with the likes of Anthony Perkin's Norman Bates or Klaus Kinski's Don Lope de Aguirre. Never for a moment did I find Charles A. Tibb to be unbelievable. Marilyn Manning is equally strong as Charlie's child-like girlfriend Judy, seemingly even sicker then Charles. She whispers deranged activities in his ear and giggles constantly and in the end I found her to be the more disturbing of the duo. The three teachers are not quite as strong, Helen Hovery and Don Russel put out solid performances but unfortunately the resident "big-talker" Richard Alden gets some what obnoxious.

What is perhaps most remarkable about this film however, is the way it is shot. Vilmos Zsigmond's (here credited as William Zsigmond) camera lingers on the sweat, pain and suffering of the three teachers only to cut to a playful and giggling couple of psycho's happily sipping their Coca-Cola's. The whole film is filled with a feeling of heat and agony, a constantly blazing sun shining down into a barren waste land of dead cars and dead bodies. Flashes of hope are rare and always beaten down with such hatred and force that the viewer almost hopes it wont come back... One of the most high tension films I have ever seen.

While some of todays viewers may lose sight of the strength and message of this film, I believe that it is as strong as it ever was. Required viewing for any fan of low-budget thrillers, and required viewing for any one interested in just how powerful the media of film can be.


Reviewed by TelevisionJunkie 10 / 10

WAY above average b-movie fare

While I've long been familiar with z-movies "Eegah!" and "The Wild Guitar," this film, from the same people, slipped under my radar for years – which is really a shame. Every bit as good as any big-studio, low-budget production from the era (perhaps even better than most), "The Sadist" is truly a gem that'll never receive the recognition it deserves.

Loosely based on serial killer Charles Starkweather, Arch Hall Jr plays Charlie Tibbs, a psychotic delinquent who, aided by his girlfriend, holds three travelers hostage at gunpoint as they attempt to fix their broken-down car, which Charlie intends to use for his getaway. The film is slowly paced and has little plot, but there's so much going for it – particularly as the tension begins to mount. The acting is fantastic all around, not the hokey z-acting that I anticipated. The characterizations are rich and layered, Hall being a completely convincing standout (despite his "Cabbage Patch Kid" looks). The cinematography is fantastically detailed, with a variety of haunting visuals and innovative shots. The musical score is unobtrusive and perfectly suits the on screen action (and lack thereof).

The thing that astounds me most is how well this film has aged. The junkyard location is sort of timeless, the dialogue isn't stilted and dated like most other films of the era and no pop culture (except Coca-Cola) date it to any specific place and time. Even "Psycho," a film whose success they'd intended to ride the coattails of, is far more dated than this one. It's a psychological character movie, pure and simple. And it's because of the simplicity of the whole thing that it'll continue to stand the test of time. The one and only complaint that I have is the title, that doesn't quite suit it. Nonetheless, it's a great classic thriller and I hope that it will find the audience that it deserves on DVD.

Reviewed by mdavidsonuk 10 / 10

One of the greatest B-Movies ever made

I first saw The Sadist at the Dublin Drive-In Theater in Dublin, Georgia in either the late 1960's or early 1970's as a young child. It left a very distinct impression on me. I discovered this great and underrated low-budget classic, along with Night of the Living Dead on the drive-in screen at around the same time. The Sadist stuck with me until I managed to see it again many years later on first VHS and then on DVD. I just managed to acquire the DVD that features director Joe Dante's own 35mm print remastered digital transfer. The thing that struck me and stuck with me about The Sadist has always been the tense and suspenseful atmosphere which never lets up throughout most of the film's approximately 92-minute running time. It also greatly conveys a tremendous sense of the genuine frustration, desperation and hopelessness with which the film's sympathetic characters find themselves trapped in, a situation that begins almost from the very start until the very end. The film's screenwriter and director, James Landis does a first-rate job and his direction is both spare and tight. He uses a minimal set and production values to great and maximum effect. The acting is above average, with Arch Hall, Jr. stealing the film as Charlie Tibbs. His real-life cousin, the very beautiful blonde Helen Hovey, plays schoolteacher Doris Page. Quite sadly, Miss Hovey passed away on July 18, 2009. Richard Alden and Don Russell are also good as the other two teachers on their way to Dodger Stadium for an afternoon game. This is a true 1960's classic and remains one of the all-time greatest B-Movies ever made. It just goes to prove what can be done on a low or limited budget, with little known or unknown actors. And also that low-budget does not have to mean low quality. It still seems that The Sadist remains a little known gem outside the realm of film buffs. Someone suggested that maybe Quentin Tarantino should attempt to do a remake. I for one hope not. This film proves that you do not need graphic violence, profanity, sex and nudity to make an effective movie. It is a nail-biter and it keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat. It ropes you in and engrosses you from the very start until the very end. What more could you possibly ask for in a film?

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