The Sacred City


Documentary / History

IMDb Rating 8 10 138

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChrisLStanton 9 / 10

Well presented and compelling but will need more research

From my understanding, The Exodus, The Flood etc, Biblical archaeologists can't seem to find any evidence or at least, in not in the areas as described in the Bible and it's good to see Western scholarship being applied to Islam as well. Dan Gibson seems to be one of the few and with this documentary, makes a very strong case presenting the evidence in a very well-paced well researched documentary. It would be good to see to see further research on as to why the Qiblas of the early mosques Dan Gibson presented seem to point to Petra rather than Mecca. I've seen arguments that suggest Gibson got his calculations wrong or early Muslims got their calculations wrong. If Gibson got his calculations wrong then this can be very easily verified by other scholars. But if early Muslims got their calculations wrong, let's examine that further. But at the same time, it would also be good to expand on the early Muslim power struggle and the suggestion the black stone of the Kaaba was moved from Petra to Mecca for safe keeping.

Reviewed by generationofswine 10 / 10

An Honest Review

There are two reviews here as of this writing one has 10 stars and the other 1.

The negative review comes with the hard statement that the Qibla never moved...and for that you need to present proof that it didn't move. You can't really state it as faith.

And you can't do it because this is about history, not faith. I'm Catholic, I don't practice, but I still have faith in God and Jesus. Faith enough where I am going to question it, because I want to know what happened. I want to know the truth, and there really isn't any piece of evidence that archeology and history can produce that will change the core of my belief.

Now, the history of my faith, how it came to be, that has been changed time and again, and I hope it will continue to be changed until we have the best possible picture of how we came to be as possible.

This is also how I can believe in evolution. It doesn't test my faith. Nothing about it calls my faith in God into question.

I really believe that we have to take the same approach with everything. Including the Petra/Mecca debate.

At its heart, this is a theory. But it is a theory that has enough heat behind it to warrant further investigation. It's compelling enough to call history into question as it stands now...

....and that is really the type of thing that I love. The questions that could re-write history, the conjuncture that is enough to make you really question everything you know. Makes me drool with anticipation.

Reviewed by ibb-01522 10 / 10

One of the best documentary ever produced about Islam.

Excellent documentary film. As a researcher historian, Dan Gibson has all that is neccessary to take on such project: he is thorough, honest, studious, unbiased, hard working, and highly dedicated to his research subject. The film is very well produced, great photography, and very clear narration.

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