The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story


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Tracie Thoms as Demetria
Daniel Bellomy as Kevin Durant
Nathan Mitchell as Reggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 1 / 10

Where to Begin...Well It's 2021 and SHE'S the REAL MVP!

You cannot make this up.

Just cannot. IT's about woman good, man bad. THe dad is kind of the bad guy because you know he pays the money, tries his best to show up to games after the divorce, but she has to cook the meals and "suffers."

I summed up the movie above. It's another Hollyweird pro feminist dribble, full of victim hood and men should thank women.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10

Never cease saying "I Love You" to your family members and set personal goals

Let's face it, for every rare and huge success story of an NBA MVP natural hard working basketball legend like Kevin Durant there are a thousand much different stories of personal disappointment, financial duress, heartbreak and that ugly D word, "divorce". Sons Kevin and Tony Durant certainly worked hard to succeed in life, without their father Wayne growing up with them daily in their home but with their ever present stable mother Wanda, although their father helped out financially and showed up periodically at their games and at their home.

What I liked about this made for TV film it remained true to the title, that being that Kevin and Tony Durant were the reason mom worked so very hard, but their mom's story was being told and how mom Wanda kept her two boys focussed on their goals and kept them from getting into any serious trouble off of the court.

I only wish the film would have included a bit of a reality check such that not every young child who enters into a local athletic program in their pre-teens will/may eventually become a successful professional sports athlete/celebrity like Kevin Durant. Through hard work, surviving some personal hardships such as their father choosing to leave his family (but support them financially) that a single parents undying love for their children and repeating those three most important words each and every day "I Love You" to each other and meaning them, the family unit will remain a unit of strength, develop and sustain good morals and a purpose in life to help others as the Durant family continues to do each and every day.

This film may tell a story of one mothers devotion and love which leads to a happy ending, but this story should ring true for millions of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that faith and hard work will lead to a strong family unit and where family support through hard times will only make the entire family unit a better one with much love for one another.

I give this inspirational made for TV film a strong 8 out of 10 rating for downplaying NBA superstar Kevin Durant's success and rather reflecting the family hardships and perseverance that made the Durant family someone to look up to and be inspired by.

Reviewed by Desertman84 7 / 10

A TV Movie Inspired By Kevin Durant's MVP Speech

Cassandra Freeman stars in this Lifetime TV movie about the mother of NBA superstar Kevin Durant entitled "The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story".This was inspired by the speech given by Kevin Durant when he received the NBA Most Valuable Award back in 2014 when he gave credit to his mother by stating that she is indeed the real MVP for being a great single mother for all the hard work she did in raising him.

Wanda Durant is Kevin's mother.He's got two kids - Tony and Kevin.She was abandoned by her husband Wayne that led her to become the single mother of the two kids.She had to raise them and she also has to work two jobs as hairdresser and night shift employee at the US Post Office to provide for the family.She introduced both Tony and Kevin into basketball at a young age to keep them busy and avoid bad influence during her time working.This led Kevin into having NBA talent.Her husband reappeared in their life when Kevin started playing in the AAU.But unfortunately,they remained divorced as Wayne had a hard time staying monogamous.Wanda pushed her sons to work harder to become great in basketball.This led Kevin into becoming an NBA superstar.In the end,she started pushing single mothers to finish college and to become dedicated mothers.She has shown that mothers who are dedicated can lead to having successful children just like what she did in raising Kevin.

The TV movie can definitely provide great inspiration for women who got married young and for mothers to become dedicated when in comes to raising their children.Despite the fact that the movie's somewhat slowly progresses and it not really engaging,the themes it tries to touch such are motherhood,hard work and humility after achieving success would definitely touch the viewer.Finally,one would really appreciate the way Wanda raised Kevin Durant that is why the latter has shown great character that is not common among NBA superstars.

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