The Real Glory


Action / History / Romance / War

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 854

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Gary Cooper as Dr. Bill Canavan
David Niven as Lt. Terence McCool
Vladimir Sokoloff as The Datu
Reginald Owen as Capt. Steve Hartley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10


A few years earlier, Gary Cooper starred in the very entertaining LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER--an adventure film about an uprising in Afghanistan and the actions of the British army to crush this rebellion. In this case, the film cast made some sense, as Gary Cooper's accent could be explained away by his being a Canadian. But here, we once again have him playing a very similar role as a soldier in the American army but he is surrounded by British actors. They never really explained how the very-British Reginald Owen and David Niven were American soldiers! But, despite this silly casting, the film is highly entertaining and worth seeing--provided you ignore the strange accents. In addition, like LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER, there was a local tribal insurrection that must be eliminated by training loyal locals to fight to ensure the peace. In the case of this film, it is set in the Philippines and based on the very brief Moro uprising towards the beginning of the 20th century. It's the sort of adventure film you can enjoy provided you have only modest expectations--in other words, this isn't deep or philosophical, but more like a traditional Cowboy and Indian movie set in a tropical setting.

Reviewed by skt171 8 / 10

a lesson for modern times

I had never even heard of this movie until I viewed it today. Thank God for the library's VHS collection. The plot, five US Army officers are tasked to be military advisors in the establishment of the Phillipine constabulary in 1906. Despite the colonel's plea, the war Department has decided US troops will no longer be responsible for protecting the local people because they will never learn to do it themselves if the US Army does it all. Sound familiar to anyone? The enemy are the Moro insurgents, who just happen to be Muslim. They are bent on establishing a Muslim state and are not too particular about how they do it. The movie points out that not all Moros are bad, not all agree with the radicals and some are quite helpful to the advisors. The plot cautions us however not to take everyone at face value. There are traitors in their midst.

I find the lead (Cooper's) character solutions to winning hearts and minds to be fantastic. The guy could have been a role model for counter insurgency. Perhaps he was the first Green Beret. I won't go into his methods, watch them yourself and then think IRAQ. Of course with 24/7 news cycles and instant communication blended with micro-management it is hard to see this happening today. If we had those things back then, well, the course of history in the Phillipines would have been very different.

All in all, an excellent movie with a great cast highlighting an interesting period of US History that is all but forgotten today. It is interesting to think that people who actually participated in the Phillipine Insurrection were still around when it debuted in 1939.

Reviewed by rmax304823 7 / 10

Another American Colonial Adventure.

The USA didn't have much of a foreign colonialist period. Like Germany, we came rather late to the game. Besides which Americans were busy colonizing their own interior.

But in the mid- to late 1930s stories of colonial adventures abroad seemed to become suddenly popular in Hollywood, or at least simplified and romanticized versions of same. Gary Cooper was in a surprising number of them. Usually they're a lot of nonsensical fun. Discounting American Westerns, there were "Gunga Din," "Lives of a Bengal Lancer," "Beau Geste," "Morroco," "The Charge of the Light Brigade," others whose names escape me, and this one, "The Real Glory." It takes place in the land of the Moros (Filipino Moslems) who resent the Westernization of their cobbled-together country by first Spain, then, after the Spanish-American war, the Americans. That war is still being fought. But, not to worry, everything in the movie turns out alright in the end -- well, almost.

Gary Cooper, David Niven, and Broderick Crawford are Army lieutenants stationed at an undermanned fort surrounded by jungle and enemies. If you think of this as a rather typical situation for this sort of action movie, you're probably on the right track. It usually leads to a heroic defense of the fort by our side. And it gives the writers a chance to have hordes of evildoers charging the fort to be mowed down in rows like wheat by a motorized reaper. There must be at least one heroic sacrifice too, of a secondary character. Sometimes there's just one (Gunga Din) and sometimes, as here, both Niven and Crawford are given a chance to make the supreme sacrifice. Of the two sacrifices, Crawford's is the more supreme. A harmless, doltish officer who is devoted to growing orchids, he is captured by the Moros, his head smeared with honey, and then he is buried up to his neck in an ant hill. Those Moros were pitiless cookies. If I'm not mistaken the Colt Model 1911 .45 caliber automatic, a veritable cannon at the time, was developed partly because smaller caliber pistols were thought unable to stop a charging Moro.

The rafting scenes were done, it appears, in the lower reaches of the Kern River. This is a dangerous area to raft or inner-tube in. It's the only rushing water for ten thousand miles around Bakersfield, California, and is a popular bathing spot in the summer, even though a few rafters and tubers usually are lost. It's interesting too in that it is the only known home of the Kern Valley salamander (Batrachoseps simatus), and only for a stretch of a few miles along the bank -- and only the northern bank.

I think I like Gunga Din better because there is more slapstick, more laughs all around, and because the characters are a little better developed. But "The Real Glory" is nothing to be ashamed of. An enjoyable romp by stars wearing colorful uniforms in an exotic location and involved in a conflict nobody ever heard of.

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