The Prophet's Game


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 964


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Sondra Locke as Adele Highsmith
Dennis Hopper as Vincent Swan
Michael Dorn as Bob Bowman
Taylor Momsen as Honey Bee Swan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cbing4 3 / 10

Interesting idea, badly done.

Dennis Hopper is intense. He is by far the best thing in this by the numbers serial killer 'thriller'. The idea of the prophet's game itself is interesting, and could make a pretty good movie, but this isn't it. It's too bogged down in revenge, police politics, and laughable action to go anywhere, and the ending is unbelievably unsatisfying, with so much still left unanswered. As for the direction, there is really nothing to distinguish The Prophet's Game from a million other B movies, and although the supporting cast try hard, (with a few notable exceptions) they can't lift it from its dire script.

Reviewed by KSprowl 5 / 10

Great cast, interesting story line, but does not deliver.

Movie has a wonderful cast of talented actors in off-key roles for each; Dennis Hopper at the "good guy retired cop", Stephanie Zimbalist as a church-going cop with cropped hair (looks nothing like she did when in the series with Pierce Brosnan!) and Sondra Locke as the serial killer running the game. She is short cropped and looks very different than she did in any Clint Eastwood movie...I did not recognize her face, only her voice, and had was surprised at the end of the film to see it was her. Another recognizable voice is Michael Dorn (Who played the Klingon in Star Trek - The Next Generation) as a very authoritative, convincing cop.

Worth it to watch for the cast and their wonderful performances alone and potentially great storyline...just something must have gotten lost between the translation and the story comes off as stiff and unbelievable in parts. Great special effects and still recommend renting this movie.

Reviewed by elsbet-3 2 / 10

Silly and ponderous all at once

I started rooting for one character to be the next to die just because the actor's performance was so God-awful. Thankfully, my wish was granted. Dennis Hopper was likeable and gives a good performance. Stephanie Zimbalist's performance was marred by a now-you- hear-it, now-you-don't Noo Yawk accent. Other than that, a silly plot with a one-trick pony of a twist, cheap psychological background, stupid police tricks (don't they go to some police school that teaches them to disarm suspects and carry their cell phones with them rather than leave them deep in the woods, in their hidden cars?), and ponderous music make this a movie to miss.

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