The Poseidon Adventure


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 3232


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C. Thomas Howell as Doctor Ballard
Adam Baldwin as Mike Rogo
Rutger Hauer as Bishop August Schmidt
Peter Weller as Captain Paul Gallico
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cellapie 5 / 10

Not as bad as I expected, but....

Where do I begin? Of course this movie was cheesy and it could've been much better, but it also could've been much worse (i.e. some other film about a capsizing ship was made and the only upside down scenes were in corridors! I apologize for not remembering the name of it). There was no sense of suspense whatsoever. The scenes taking place outside the ship of the rescue effort absolutely RUINED the movie. The ending was too pat; you knew what going to live and who was going to die---James Martin has been so helpful getting Mrs. Rosen thru the air duct: dead! slutty maseusse who sleeps with a married man: dead! The terrorist who Rogo dragged thru the inverted ship: DEAD! However, I do choose to give the writer and the director the benefit of the doubt. The scuttlebutt is that the TV movie was severely altered from what was originally planned by some network exec who played up the terrorist angle. (IN THE SPIRIT OF FULL DISCLOSURE, I SHOULD ADD THAT I AM A MEMBER OF THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE FAN CLUB).

The one bit of casting that I truly hated was Steve Guttenberg. If you see his name in a movie, you know it's going to have a cheese factor. And he is still in great shape but his body looks 20 years younger than his face. scary. Plus, he was quoted in an EW article in a review of this movie and he came off sounding like a self-important jerk. You're Steve Guttenberg!!! I would've much rather seen someone like Jimmy Smits, Gary Sinise, William Petersen, etc. in the role of the duplicitous husband.

I also agree with one of the earlier posts pondering how someone could survive getting bounced about in a 3-story tall ballroom, while others die from massive trauma in a corridor. huh?

I also found it a tad disappointing that the survivors found the other bomb---in the mess of the overturned engine room, the bomb is just sitting on a platform waiting to be tapped--blew a hole in the hull and just jumped to safety. Reminds me of Lindo Rogo's lambasting of her husband in the original: "Why don't you just say this is the police, kick out the hull, and swim to shore!"

That being said, when the movie is released on DVD (according to Netflix, that will be in March), I will buy it. Maybe it will be the director's real cut.

Personally, I'm not going to complain about not being emotionally vested in the characters because I watched The Simpsons during the movie's first half hour. oops!

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 4 / 10

Terrorists Try To Sink The Love Boat . I Know How They Feel

This turned up on one of the more obscure film channels and instantly thought I was going to be watching the 2006 remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE only to find out relatively late that this is a Hallmark production no doubt produced to tie in with the big budget remake , a sort of cynical marketing ploy used by The Asylum company and their infamous " mockbusters " . I'll say one thing about Hallmark and that is no one is capable of making a film as bad as the ones at The Asylum . However we are talking about a very well regarded disaster movie from the 1970s and that alone may come close to cinematic blasphemy . After seeing the whole TVM I'm afraid Hallmark have done their level best to make a shipwreck of a movie

Being effectively a three hour miniseries the producers have split the story in to two halves , one setting up the characters and backstory and the second half featuring the disaster of a capsized ship . Watching the first half you're not reminded of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE but that most dreadful and twee of American comedies THE LOVE BOAT . Most of the characters are looking for either romance or success where as the relatively big name actors playing them should have started looking for a new agent circa 1990 . The actresses seem to be slightly more fortunate since they've seemingly found a plastic surgeon , but the trouble is he wasn't a very good one who seems to have a fetish for botox . Honestly I'm not trying to get a cheap laugh but more than a few women seen here look like they're emulating waxworks and I'm not just referring to to the wooden acting

Being a TVM means that it's family friendly fare . This means for the sake of audience identification we've got a little irritating kid as a relatively major figure . He also spends much of he first half of the story hanging around with one of the crew filming home made vampire movies in dark remote spots of the ship without any hint of an adult having an unhealthy interest in children . This jars greatly with one of the main aspect of the story where the cause of the ship capsizing is by an act of cold blooded terrorism. When the bombs explode and the terrorists start murdering the ship's crew it's almost like watching another film . That said after watching something that resembles THE LOVE BOAT I started thinking perhaps the terrorists were the good guys

Reviewed by Son_of_Mansfield 1 / 10

Just sink already!

THREE HOURS. It has the same basic plot and lasts three hours. Scenes drag on for minutes with the ending of each scene obvious. The catwalk scene is a perfect example, it is clear that someone is going to die. We wait for a few minutes as everyone walks over, instead of crawling safely, only to see the annoying terrorist and the wussy masseuse die. Yawn. This predictability is worsened by movie of the week acting complete with cheesy close-ups and heart wrenching music. Add in effects look like they were done on a high school computer and you have a snore fest filled with over the hill B-actors. I found myself wanting all the people to die so that the movie could END.

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