The Pit


Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 9 / 10

Look Who It Is, Clumsy-Stupid!

The Pit is a great film not in the traditional sense. If you are looking for an award winning movie, go look at something else. The Pit is great on B movie levels. This is the definition of a cult classic.

Jamie is what you call an "Autistic" child. Getting in trouble by running around in his underwear with a superman cape on at the age of 12 is rather unusual. He also has a good friend, that being his Teddy, his Teddy bear. He also has a few more friends. They live in a big hole in the ground. They are called trollalogs and they like to eat... people that is! When Jamie discovers that they aren't getting enough food and that they may die, Teddy tells him he should start luring all the people that have been mean to him to the pit.

This is such a strange movie. Originally, I don't even think it was suppose to be a horror film. The idea of the pit, originally, was suppose to all be in Jamie's head but the directer didn't want to have such a serious approach. Thus, we end up with the silliness that is The Pit. Not to say that the film doesn't have a few gory moments or not to say that this movie dosen't have a few decent scary moments in it, because it does have a few very memorable scenes, in general it is just hilarious though. Look for scenes like when Jamie is pushing an old blind lady in a wheelchair to the pit. If you don't laugh during that scene there is something seriously wrong with you.

Anyway, The Pit is an awesome film and if you are a fan of B horror I highly recommend this movie. 9/10

Reviewed by Klaus-9 10 / 10

Perhaps the most ridiculous film ever made

I must say that I have watched this film probably twenty times, and for those handful of people who have even heard of this movie - I have a feeling you think that that is excessive. I own two copies of the film, one reprint from 1992 which can be found in the 9.99 section at any Suncoast, and the other an original miraculously found in a bargain bin at a small Wal-Mart. I have had many profound thoughts about this movie and why I am so attracted to an obviously bad movie. The answer: Sammy Snyders' eyes. No actor can say so much with once glance like Sammy. When Sandy doesn't allow Sammy to pick up the knife Sammy's eyes say - I am 12, I am a little pervert, I am crazy. And no actor can mask the subtle signs of autism like Sammy can. The cover claims Sammy has autism, however, it is never brought up in the movie. It is a stain that Sammy covers well. And even you can't admit you didn't laugh when Sammy wheels Mrs. Oliphant's wheelchair through the meadow. What a rollicking time that was! God bless Sammy Snyders, it is a shame that Hollywood and fame consumed him.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10

Pretty good horror film.

When twelve-year-old alienated boy Jamie Benjamin stumbles across a deep pit housing centuries-old troll-like creatures,he takes it upon himself to see that the monsters are well fed.But the finances of a twelve-year-old go only so far.After stealing both money and meat prove to be dead ends,Jamie decides to take the advice of his perverse teddy bear and lure all the unfriendly members of town into the inescapable bowls of 'The Pit'."The Pit" by Lew Lehman is a mixed bag:it definitely has an interesting concept and the acting is surprisingly decent,however the plot is quite boring and there is a minimal amount of blood and gore.Still the relationship between Jamie and Teddy is well-developed and has to be the strongest aspect of the film.Despite some obvious flaws "The Pit" is a truly original horror flick that kept me entertained.Give it a look.7 out of 10.

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