The Pajama Game


Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 3142

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Doris Day as Babe Williams
Barbara Nichols as Poopsie
Reta Shaw as Mabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sweet Charity 10 / 10

Just knock three times and whisper low... that you and I were sent by Joe...

When I purchased "The Pajama Game", I felt confident that the same team that brought me my all-time FAVORITE musical, "Damn Yankees", would not let me down. I was right. The dynamic team of George Abbot & Stanley Donen, Bob Fosse's oustandingly quirky choreography, and the wonderfully superb music and lyrics provided by Adler & Ross bring me more satisfaction than the 7 1/2 cents raise when it was given to the Sleep-Tite employees. Doris Day is charmingly witty and All-American in the role of Babe Williams... a role that allows her to radiate that eternal sunshine that seems to constantly course through her veins. Watch her vitality in numbers like "7 1/2 Cents" and "I'm Not At All In Love," her energy and vivacity in "There Once Was a Man", and the romance in her "Hey There" reprise. But let's keep in mind that Doris is also the only cast member not imported from the original Broadway show. (Much as I love Doris... what the heck was wrong with Janis Paige? Rent the film Silk Stockings... I think she would have been perfectly darling!) The show cast is an ensemble of sheer perfection! Reta Shaw is terrific as Mabel, Barbara Nichols and Thelma Pelish are riots as Poopsie and Mae, Jack Straw is superb as Prez, and Ralph Dunn is sublime as Mr. Hasler ("Now that isn't nice!"). John Raitt is great in reprising his role of Sid Sorokin... the man with stars in his eyes and a company to run. Whatta voice! And how about that Eddie Foy, Jr.? As Vernon Hines (aka "Hiiiiinesy"), he's an absolute TRIP! What's better than a drunken knife thrower who is having a hard time trusting his girlfriend? AND he sings and dances. Such an ADORABLE guy with a bundle of talent! However, my PERSONAL favorite is none other than that smashing, electrifying dancer with the absolute LONGEST limbs ever... Carol Haney, as Gladys Hotchkiss.. She is not only BRILLIANT but gives an absolutely FLAWLESS performance, in my opinion. Her dancing is not to be reckoned with... just look at her go in "Steam Heat" (breath-taking choreography and dancing!), and even "Hernando's Hideaway", as well as "Once-A-Year Day." Her comedic timing is uncanny, and with that grainy voice and pixie hair cut, she absolutely STEALS every scene she's in. It's most unfortunate that she died so young and was unable to pursue a further career in movies or on Broadway. All in all, this is a WONDERFUL piece of musical cinema, and I definitely recommend it!

Reviewed by elgee 7 / 10

Fifties magic

When it was released in 1957, The Pajama Game joined a long procession of song and dance Movies that grabbed us all who watched them with their energy, vitality and infectious romance. Doris Day bounces and radiates her way across the screen as only she can and has done many times previously in musicals, singing, dancing and looking great, teaming up this time with some of the cast from the Broadway Production, Eddie Foy Jnr., Carol Haney, Rita Shaw and John Raitt. As you would expect from this array of talent something special would arrive, and it didn't take long for us to taste it. In the opening minutes we are treated to one of Choreographer Bob Fosse's routines with Eddie Foy Jnr. and Rita Shaw singing and stepping to 'I'll never get jealous again ' and as the show moves on more memorable sequences appear like Carol Haney dancing to ' Steam Heat,' Doris Day singing ' Seven and a Half cents ' and everyone it seems giving a rousing rendition of ' Hernando's Hideaway.' The Pajama Game is alive with Fiftie's colour, vigour and good old fashioned song and dance, put together by ideas and talent that perhaps in those days we had the chance to take it all for granted. Sadly.....these days, with the absence of musicals we don't have that opportunity.

Reviewed by Hinda 9 / 10

High-energy musical that may surprise you.

Who'd have thought that a labor dispute could be such fun? Just add Doris Day's smile, Bob Fosse's choreography, amazing music and dancers and a bag of popcorn! This is a highly energetic film, super-charged with charisma. I can't count the number of times I hit "pause" and "rewind" just to get another look at a surprise dance move. Boy, do I dare say that this may have been what "Grease" was hoping it could aspire to? I want to see this one again real soon!

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