The Nanny


Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 5410

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Bette Davis as Nanny
Wendy Craig as Virginia Fane
Pamela Franklin as Bobbie Medman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shark-43 9 / 10

Creepy, Great Bette

This is one of those 1960's black & white British horror films that pack a wallop. I saw it on Tv as a young kid and it creeped me out and Bette Davis' performance haunted me. I saw it again not too long ago and was suprised how well it stood up. A nice simple story told with powerful flashbacks, Bette Davis gives a terrific, controlled performance as the perfect nanny to a dysfunctional family -a non-caring hard working father, a neurotic mother, a troubled boy and a darling little girl, cute as can be. But the family has a tragedy and what really happened? Well acted, well shot, a good late at night treasure.

Reviewed by susansweb 8 / 10

Creepy and disturbing

There was something about Bette Davis that made everything she did great viewing. Whether she was evil Bette, headstrong Bette or misguided Bette, she dominated all her films. In this film she is strange Bette, a queer housekeeper that could just be off her rocker. The film rachets up the tension from the very beginning. No setup at the beginning to explain anything, any questions the viewer might have will be answered in due time. The one problem, as with all films dealing with troublesome kids is that William Dix's Joey is so rotten in the beginning that one wants someone to knock him off, also he displays an unusual amount of intelligence for a 10 year old boy. But watch this for Davis as you wonder, did she or didn't she.

Reviewed by FilmFanInTheHouse 7 / 10

Wonderful classic British thriller

The Nanny (1965, Dir. Seth Holt)

With Joey Fane (Dix) back home, all Virginia (Craig) and Bill (Villiers) Fane want is a calm and respectful atmosphere amongst the house. Only something is still disturbing Joey and that one thing is Nanny (Davis). Whilst Nanny is a loving woman who helps around the house, Joey sees her as someone else someone who believes is responsible for the death of his sister (Aubrey).

Wonderful classic British thriller which still keeps you hooked in now. Bette Davis creates a wonderful 'Nanny', which really gets you involved in the character. With a wonderful supporting cast, Horrors don't involve you anymore like this did.

What was so bad about Mrs. Griggs? – Nanny (Bette Davis)

She was like you. – Joey Fane (William Dix)

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