The Nailbomber


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Adolf Hitler as Self - Dictator of Germany
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SpacemanBob 6 / 10

Compelling, but left wanting to know more.

The story is interesting, but the film does not expound enough on the racial environment at the time; nor the white supremacist movement, either then or now. There's plenty of film footage, primarily old news clips, but very little in depth analysis. For instance, not much in the way of the immediate aftermath, or the long term effects of these events.

It's not a very long film; but with that, it felt like further details were needed for some context. A more diverse range of credible interviewees would've helped. It's still worth watching, it's not terrible by any means.

Reviewed by roondogbb 7 / 10

A solid documentary about a series of crimes from just over 20 years ago.

Netflix can been quite hit or miss with It's documentaries and the stylistic presentation can quite often make or break a netflix documentary. As can how long it runs for. Be it 1 episode or 4 episodes.

The Nailbomber did a very good job at telling the story of a lone wolf bomber who let off multiple bombs in attacks that were racially motivated in London in a single solid episode.

My number one desire from a documentary is to get across as much interesting and relavent information as possible and The Nail Bomber certainly did that. I was only 9 or 10 at the time of the attacks and although I'm from the UK, I don't really recall the attacks. Also being from Northern Ireland, terrorism based around The Northern Irish troubles was far more prevalent in my mind and still is when I think back to the 90s. So it was very interesting (and saddening) to learn about other problems occurring in the same decade. The show had interesting interviews with victims and played insightful tape recordings of the perpetrator being interviewed. Unlike other Netflix documentaries (Son of sam). It doesn't mix and match the style of voice over vs interviews. Nor is the the documentary stretched out over many episodes. Someone could have tried that if they had the motivation or had been given the go ahead. Due to it being a multi bomb and court case story. Luckily they stayed with an hour and a bit single episode and it worked.

It's definitely a crime documentary to watch if this genre is your thing and it's better than other recent attempts by Netflix. A good solid 7/10. So give it a go.

Reviewed by TreeFiddy53 5 / 10

Short doc, worth a watch.

Some parts of the doc will make you think the clips were from pre-World War II but no, surprisingly from 1999, which in the grand scheme of things, isn't too long ago. Makes you wonder how much hatred exists in this world, and how openly so.

It's only 70ish mins, so I feel like this was an opportunity missed to tell the story about the larger picture in Britain but they chose to give a brief summary of the entire set of events, so it didn't really feel like a 'hunt'. There are so many movies, tv shows and docs about the events that happen in the US, but a sizeable audience hardly knows what's going on in the UK.

Could have been a 4 part doc, but sure. A short one is fine too.

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