The Mystery of Henri Pick

2019 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2740

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Camille Cottin as Joséphine Pick
Hanna Schygulla as Ludmila Blavitsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjfhhh 10 / 10

an intellectual mystery and a guilty pleasure in one

There's a library in a French provincial town that holds the manuscripts refused by the publishers. Among those lies a book of gold - a novel that resonates with the public and becomes a bestseller. The author is Henri Pick - a man who hadn't been seen writing or reading a novel in his life time. When famous literary critic (Fabrice Luchini) claims Henri Pick had not actually written the book the public is enraged. As a result he loses his tv job and his marriage. It is now an obsession for him to prove he was right and he embarks on a hilarious journey to find the truth.

Fabrice Luchini is fantastic in the main role of literary critic gone astray, the role feels written specifically for him. If the film was made in the 80's the role could be played by Pierre Richard. Just like Richard, Luchini has a perfect balance of hilarious and dramatic and the film draws on this talent in every frame he is in.

Part intellectual mystery, part comedy, part love story, part a serious dwelling on what it means to be an artist THE MYSTERY OF HENRI PICK is almost a perfect movie. In a country where 90% of people read extensively and 70% attempt to write the next great French novel the film exist in a parallel universe from most overseas viewers. Who cares about a book unless it's Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter? But this suspension of disbelief is easy to overcome with engaging characters and quirky dialog.

The script is focused, inventive and delivers a perfect ending. It definitely tricked me. Supported by a cheeky and slightly frantic score from a young (but also a veteran in his own way) French musician Laurent Perez Del Mar, THE MYSTERY OF HENRY PICK is the best French Cinema has to offer. As much tongue in the cheek as it is serious, this is an intellectual mystery and a guilty pleasure in one!

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 7 / 10

Who is Henri Pick ?

I loved this improbable encounter between: 1) Fabrice Luchini as a literary critic at first pedantic and unpleasant, then sensitive, facetious and pertinent after receiving 2 strong slaps (figuratively but legitimately and almost concomitantly), 2) Marie-Christine Orry as a librarian deep in Brittany, with her unforgettable voice, 3) Bastien Bouillon as a young writer lacking in gratitude and then self-confidence, 4) Camille Cottin as a spontaneous but moderately cheerful Breton woman, 5) ... (not-exhaustive list).

What an intelligent entertainment, without forgetting of course the sumptuous landscapes of Brittany!

Reviewed by sven-koehler 6 / 10

The ending is the worst part

The cinema surprised me with this movie. It had a pretty slow start - but eventually I got captured by the question: who wrote this book, if it wasn't Henri Pick?

Well, and in the moment I was most excited, they just dropped the solution. The investigator had clearly avoided reading the book of his main suspect's boyfriend. Finally, he's sent another copy and then the movie basically jumps to the real author telling us every aspect of the story. Maybe there is some pressure on the real author to reveal himself, but I didn't feel it. In that regard, the movie failed.

Me and the people I was with were very disappointed. I have never seen a resolution like this, I think. I love Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes. But this left us very disappointed.

The acting is very good, but the story is disappointing. Hence my 6 stars rating.

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