The Monster


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 16358


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Zoe Kazan as Kathy
Aaron Douglas as Jesse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HailPaimon_ 5 / 10

Competent, but overall mediocre

This film wasn't terrible. It manages to take a very basic "stuck in a car with a monster outside" plot and inject some character into it. But it was by no means great.

The acting was solid. There are some emotional scenes that elevated the film.

The director manages to create some tension and suspense with the atmospheric lighting, camera movements, and shot composition.

The effects on the monster ranged from pretty okay to sometimes looking slightly silly. It's a practical monster instead of CGI, which is appreciated, but it still looks rubber and fake in certain scenes.

The final act of the movie was pretty strong.

The story is very basic. Two people get stranded on a deserted road and a monster from the woods terrorizes them. The film tries to engage the viewer more by making the primary focus of the story about the strained relationship between the mother and daughter and how this terrifying experience brings them together. In some respects this works, but it's not enough to make the story anything more than average at best.

The dialogue was also very shoddy at points and felt unnatural and forced.

Overall, this is a pretty average horror movie. Nothing special or memorable but not bad. Don't expect anything great. Expect a flawed film with an unoriginal plot with some good aspects scattered throughout.


Reviewed by jordan2240 5 / 10

Ok until it defied all logic

The movie seemed like it was going to be far better than a couple horror stinkers I watched recently, but then it wasn't. It did a nice job of building suspense, with a few startles that made me jump, but ultimately, it made little sense in the end. It was established early-on that the mother was scum and her relationship with her daughter strained, so I'm not sure why we keep seeing flashbacks to just how insufficient her mothering was, though these flashbacks weren't boring at least. But the things that really made little sense to me and ruined the film were as follows:

  • Several people just disappeared without so much as a scream. One would think that being dragged away in the darkness would be cause for at least a mild cry of 'help.'

  • More significantly, it is established that the 'monster' is afraid of light, so the grand plan the mother comes up with is to light a torch, then put it out and let the monster get her while her daughter escapes in the darkness. Here's an idea - light the torch and carry it while you both escape together - or more simply, escape with a flashlight (which also seemed to be enough to deter the monster).

  • And finally, this has to be the most flammable creature that's ever lived, done in by a cigarette lighter and some aerosol spray (that somehow the daughter knows to use to create a flamethrower).

Reviewed by kazps 9 / 10

Monsters come in all forms

Just watched this and loved it. Another smart addition to the encouragingly robust genre of smart and allegorically innovative horror movies.

My take? The monster is simply Kathy's addiction, as experienced by daughter Lizzy.

  • it attacks when she's vulnerable

  • it removes people who are there to protect her (Lizzy's father (the actual addiction)/ the tow truck guy and the paramedics (the metaphorical monster))

  • shining a light on it/ acknowledging it weakens it

  • once you've acknowledged it, you're in a better place, but you still have to go through withdrawal and might be too damaged to pull through (Kathy vomiting blood in the woods due to her internal injuries)

  • despite your best intentions, innocents will still suffer because of it. (Lizzy undergoes her mother's "overdose" and death, and then still has to grapple with the monster on her own.)

  • Finally, the ultimate version of "shining a light on something", i.e. setting it on fire, is what allows her to be free, albeit with a forever altered view of her own safety, and the security of the world in general. [ Fun add on-- she had to sacrifice her childhood/ innocence, i.e. her singing teddy bear, in order to finally overcome the monster. ]

A lot of people are commenting on the weird/ unbelievable choices made by the characters in the third act. If you're looking at it as a straight up horror movie, I could understand that. But seeing it through the lens of the pretty obvious analogy that was being made about addiction, they all felt totally spot on to me.

Definitely recommend!

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