The Meaning of Vanlife



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bugger-17071 6 / 10

Surface level

I expected it to be more interesting than it actually was. It mostly focused on the daily nitty-gritty of living the van lifestyle, but there were many mundane aspects of it which made the film boring.

The movie did touch on on the more interesting parts of the lifestyle, like the connection to nature and the harmony these people find in wandering, and the community these people feel with each other, but those things were shown only on the surface, without going into too much detail. Even though that is the aspect of vanlife the filmmakers should have mined because that is the true reason to embark on this lifestyle, but they didn't show much of it.

In it's current form, the film is not very satisfying and it gives a slanted view of the lifestyle, ignoring all the negative aspects of it.

Reviewed by kitewizard 6 / 10

Well shot and produced

It gives a nice insight to the Vanlife. It's a calming, and nice documentary that isn't political. It's inspiring because it shows only the positive side of Vanlife.

Reviewed by melbatoastmama 5 / 10


I saw only 2-3 POC in this movie. Is this reflective of reality? If so, then something is missing here. Maybe POC as a general matter are too busy helping out their families to go tripping around the country in a van? Kinda got the sense that these are mostly privileged white kids and a few retirees who want to take some time off from reality. Nothing wrong with that, but the movie paints this as somehow revelatory or new, in my mind it isn't. There've always been those who break the chains of society and are happier on the move (like me!)...but I don't see this as somehow better or wiser or more spiritual, which is what the movie seems to try to say. Overall, it was a fun watch but meh from any kind of emotional or thought provoking virtues.

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