The Man Who Sold His Skin

2020 [ARABIC]


IMDb Rating 7 10 1873

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Monica Bellucci as Soraya Waldy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by liamhbelanger-28023 7 / 10

Extreme poetic cinema is inconsistent

The Man Who Sold His Skin is a cinematic portrayal of unjust art advertising and marketing.

Slowly moving towards a emotionally gripping character study has it goes along, hitting different beats that sucks you out of the riveting story for the first 30 minutes, it still manages to capture that brilliant essence of the adrenaline-rush that is foreign escapism.

The competent pan-ups, gorgeous, slow-moving, brilliantly presented close-ups of beautiful silver and bronze statues: crosses, pastors and angels. Mixing with generic editing and shot positioning and adding rich artistic value was a pleasurable procedure.

It's non-lengthy runtime leaves you with zero emotional suction after. Non-draining and I'll be damned if anyone considers it though-provoking. The performances and fantastically-orchestrated score add depth and emotional value ajar during the film, but after theres no room for anything to grip you, and your caught in a trap of mixed feelings whilst acknowledging it's pros.

Reviewed by li0904426 9 / 10

The Freedom of Art

This film shows the link between art and human condition. As humans we are limited by the cultural and political borders of the country we were born in, but art is not. Any form of art can move freely among its borders.

Ironically this Tunisian film can be streamed in the USA or in any country without any Visa stamp but any of its citizen who need to escape from political or social persecution is denied refugee entry.

Reviewed by isaacsundaralingam 7 / 10

Unique, but a little too aimless at times

The Man Who Sold His Skin is a pretty good movie. And it's one about art that to an extent shares my feelings and opinions of it. Meaning, that I was naturally inclined to like it as soon as I understood what was going on... And I did.

But the movie comes with its own collection of flaws that are a little too big to miss. The greatest complaint I have is that the movie overall seemed aimless. Aimless in that there was no one destination the writers felt comfortable diving deep into. Rather, the movie keeps itself safe on the surface; often finding itself at the door of a sophisticated and thought provoking conflict, but hesitates entering or engaging with those questions. Another minor complaint is the ending; which after all what the movie has been about, felt a little too cheesy.

Overall, I like what the movie is about, and I'm glad I watched it. The complaints I have are not too great to prevent one from enjoying the movie.

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