The Man They Could Not Hang


Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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Boris Karloff as Dr. Henryk Savaard
Ann Doran as Betty Crawford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike-764 10 / 10

Now a mechanical heart sounds silly...... doesn't it?

Dr. Henryk Savaard works with his assistant Lang and medical student Bob Roberts in Dr. Savaard's experiments in the use of a mechanical heart to prolong life. Roberts risks his life in the experiment where Savaard will kill him and bring him back from the dead. This unnerves Dr. Savaard's nurse (and Roberts' girlfriend) Betty Crawford, who sends for the police, and when they arrive arrest Dr. Savaard for killing Roberts. At his trial, Dr. Savaard tries to explain his methods and experiments were in the name of science, but they fall on deaf ears as he is convicted and sentenced to hang. He donates his body to science, and most specifically to Lang, who plans to bring him back to life using Dr. Savaard's process. Scoop Foley, a news reporter who covered the trial (and fell for Dr. Savaard's daughter Janet) notices that six members of the Savaard jury committed suicide by hanging, and that the remaining jurors, and the judge, prosecutor, police inspector, and Ms. Crawford have been invited to the Savaard house where the doctor plans to have all of them die one by one, but he doesn't expect his daughter to arrive. This is one heck of a movie with everything that the B sci-fi/horror flick should have. Watching Karloff, I can only think how much more respected he could be if he didn't have to subject himself to these B movies which he excels in. Grinde makes excellent use of camera-work, as well as shadow and light. The script does seem like it won't differ from anything else in the genre, but it continually goes further into new twists and turns with the Agatha Christie like revenge Savaard plans. My only regret is that the film wasn't longer. Excellent ending. Rating, based on B movies, 10.

Reviewed by wadeboi 10 / 10

Delicious variant on the "Old Dark House" theme

First, this film is way ahead of its time in foreshadowing heart transplants and (yet to be achieved) artificial hearts. The first act is all about the artificial heart thing. Act 2 is a courtroom drama about the doctor being sentenced to hang for an accidental killing of his medical student during the experiment. Act 3 is the revenge against the jurors and judge who convicted him. Each act of this melodrama is delicious but Act 3 is by far the best. My only gripe is that it ends too soon. It would have been more fun to have a few more gimmicks to revenge the conviction. This film reminds me of the classic "12 Angry Men" but is a lot more fun and to the point. Great production values for 1939.

Reviewed by bsmith5552 6 / 10

Several Years Ahead of Its Time!

"The Man They Could Not Hang" is an interesting little film if only for its foretelling of artificial hearts and organ transplants by many years.

Dr. Henryk Savaard (Boris Karloff) has invented an artificial heart that has been successful in bringing animals back to life after they have been clinically dead. Savaard now wants to try the procedure on a human ans medical student Bob Roberts (Stanley Brown) agrees to be the guinea pig. His fiancé, Betty Crawford (Ann Doran), who is Savaard's nurse is fearful for Roberts' life.

As the experiment begins Betty goes to the police in an attempt to stop the experiment. Reporter "Scoop" Foley (Robert Wilcox) overhears Betty's pleas and goes ahead to Savaard's home where he meets Savaard's daughter Janet (Lorna Gray) with whom he strikes up a friendship. Police Lt. Shane (Don Beddoe) arrives at Savaard's laboratory before he can bring the young man back to life, and arrests him for murder. Savaard is tried and found guilty and is sentenced to hang. Before he is sentenced, Savaard vows revenge on those who had a hand in his conviction.

Following his execution, Savaard's body is turned over to his assistant Dr. Lang (Byron Foulger) who following Savaard's procedure, brings Savaard back to life. Weeks later, several of the jurors who voted for Savaard's conviction turn up hanged, apparently suicides.

Using a note from trial Judge Bowman (Charles Trowbridge) as bait, Savaard lures the remaining parties for his revenge to his home and traps them therein. Included are the Judge, DA Drake (Roger Pryor), Jury Foreman Kearney (Dick Curtis), Betty Crawford, the Coroner (Joe De Stefani) and Lt. Shane. "Scoop" Foley is also entrapped having "crashed" the party.

Savaard plans to systematically murder each person at 15 minute intervals. Judge Bowman is the first and dies by electrocution. Next Kearney is poisoned. Betty is targeted next, but before Savaard can complete his murderous scheme, his daughter Janet arrives and......................

Karloff as usual gives a great performance. He moves from a kindly dedicated scientist to a madman bent on murder and revenge with ease.

The use of an artificial heart put this modest little programmer several years ahead of its time.

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