The Man from Snowy River II


Adventure / Drama / Western

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Brian Dennehy as Harrison
Sigrid Thornton as Jessica
Tom Burlinson as Jim Craig
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lady_writer 8 / 10

Impressive sequel worthy of recognition

Such a masterpiece as the first of these two Snowy River films was, the sequel to The Man From Snowy River is everything that a follow-up should be. It does not tread on the toes of its predecessor, preferring to leave the legend that was the first film live on in some unique immortality.

The Man From Snowy River II is based upon the return of Jim Craig to the Snowy River country after a three year absence. The film subtly tells a tale of change in the nineteenth century, of Australian history, legend and horses. The storyline demonstrates a touch of Hollywood in lighter shades, an aspect that was absolutely absent in the first film, yet this blends uniquely with the a distinct sense of Australian patriotism. The plot is far more vibrant than the first film, and much more showy, with particular aspects of the previous incorporated into the film, yet The Man From Snowy River II possesses every essential characteristic of the first film; sensationally beautiful cinematography, a stunning focus of the Australian high country, the second most impressive footage of horses ever filmed, and a fantastic and deeply moving soundtrack by Bruce Rowland which equals the first in every way. Geoff Burrowes has done a superb job with this film, and it is highly worthy of recognition, especially with regard to the quality of the Australian Film Industry. The lead cast, from Tom Burlinson to Sigrid Thornton, and a well-replaced Brian Dennehy, carry off their parts with as much passion and distinction as the first film. As far as sequels can go, The Man From Snowy River II is a masterpiece; a deeply moving and inspirational experience yet again.

Reviewed by themak-40684 8 / 10

Reminder of being Australian.

AMERICANS WON'T GET IT... For me, this movie is very much a trip down memory lane, but it mainly reignites my pride to be Australian. The vistas and scenery are just a glimpse of how beautiful Australia is, much more than stubby out back scenery that the world associates with Australia. The screenplay also gives us reminders of the Australian character, Jim's ride on the skill of arms course, a snub at authority, very Australian. Do not pay attention to American reviews, they struggle with the concept that any nation but them can ride horses with any skill and I would put an Australian Stockman up against an American cowboy any day. If you want to remember everything good about being an Aussie, this is the movie.

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10

Burrowes Puts Burlinson Back in the Saddle

Three years after the events in "The Man from Snowy River" (1982), wild horse tamer Tom Burlinson (as Jim Craig) returns to his Australian farm. Hair-teasing Sigrid Thornton (as Jessica Harrison) is still in town, but the couple appear to have drifted apart. Understandable. They don't exactly pick up where they left off for a couple of reasons. She has attracted another suitor, handsome Nicholas Eadie (as Alistair Patton), who is preferred by daddy Brian Dennehy (as Harrison). This very predictable story is highlighted by another wild mountain ride by the lead actor, in the beautiful Victoria Alps. Also interesting is how the conveyance of pre-marital sex is satisfying, contextually; this is a "family" movie.

***** The Man from Snowy River II (3/24/88) Geoff Burrowes ~ Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton, Nicholas Eadie, Brian Dennehy

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