The Legacy



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Sam Elliott as Pete Danner
Katharine Ross as Margaret Walsh
Charles Gray as Karl Liebnecht
John Standing as Jason Mountolive
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Reviewed by sampleman411-1 6 / 10

"We are all beholden to Jason"

I like this potboiler. There's a soft spot in me for this story, even though it features the occasional lapse in narrative logic, and the special effects--while serviceable--don't guarantee it will leave much of a cinematic impression in many people's memory, years down the line. The Legacy is passed down by a moribund multi-millionaire, Jason Mountolive, to a group of inheritors (most of them European) who have travelled from afar to reunite for Jason's last 'will and testament.' Maggie Walsh and boyfriend Pete work together in Los Angeles as interior decorators (what's the likelihood of that?). They are hired sight unseen by a British client and, soon, 'accidentally' meet Jason, and are invited to stay at his home. At Ravenshurst mansion, the inheritors drop like flies, and Jason begins to get a little warmed over--he appears to be melting, cataracts appear, and he's definitely in dire need of a manicure. Clearly, this horror film was inspired by The Omen and, likewise, features a few Rottweilers that help take care of impending 'business' matters... Time to feed the dogs!!!

Reviewed by Sibelius1865 9 / 10

Well-made supernatural version of crime classic

An excellent little movie, though it might be wasted on anyone likely to get disappointed by 1970s special effects or confused by the intrusion of a plot. It's a well-made supernatural re-working of Agatha Christie's "And then there were None" (Originally "Ten Little Nigger Boys") and starts when the descendents of a 17th century witch gather at an English country house in the hope of receiving part of the family legacy. Instead, they get a dose of poetic justice delivered from beyond the grave. Don't expect to be scared out of your skin, just entertained for a while.

Reviewed by stuartdonna36 7 / 10

Loved the book

This movie doesn't seem to compare to the horror movies of today but I remember really liking this film when it came out. It may have been considered much better back when the film was released. I had read the book first when it came out before seeing the film and thought it was fantastic. I found it to be a great story and played very well in my mind. Though most seem to have a complaint about the special effects/ cheesiness of the film. I think they fair well in the time frame that the movie was made, plus to this day the swimming pool scene still gives me a chill. If the special effects don't work for you try reading the book and see if your imagination doesn't bring this story to life for you. I gave it an 7 because I felt it was a good solid movie and that is what I would have rated it back in 1978.

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