The Leather Boys


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 661

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yawnmower1 8 / 10

interesting period piece

An engaging hybrid of British 'kitchen sink' drama and American biker film, this atmospheric feature was considered daring in 1964 as it touched upon homosexuality, however obliquely. It has a suitably somber appearance in B&W but, filmed in CinemaScope, there is a certain elegance to its images.

Dot (Rita Tushingham) and Reg (handsome newcomer Colin Campbell), a young working-class couple, get married. She is sixteen, shallow, selfish, and vain. He is sweet, generally light-hearted, and thoughtful, but under pressure reverts to macho, blue-collar stereotype. As a result, they fight constantly and soon separate. Reg meets Pete, a flamboyant and extroverted biker, who becomes his best mate. They move in together while Reg sorts out his life. Despite Pete's constant mothering, possessiveness, and jealousy, naive Reg only figures out that his friend is in love with him when Pete is outed in a dockside bar at the end of the film. Typically, there could be no happy endings for gay men in 1964.

The film is especially interesting due to the photography, period locations, and the early cinematic homosexual reference. Colin Campbell is beautiful, a wonderful actor, and quite suited to the role of a confused youth trying hard, but not prepared, to be an adult. His pretty, boyish presence is essential to the theme of sexual repression which precipitates all the minor tragedies and frustrations in his life.

Be careful of the edition you buy. The currently available Televista is a poor Pan&Scan version which severely reduces the impact of this cult classic. There are two widescreen issues, from Kino (out of print) on VHS and DVD, and Blackhorse (Region 2). They are well worth searching for, as it makes a great difference to see this handsome film in its original form without half the screen missing. The wide format is especially convincing in the road and racing sequences.

Reviewed by angelsunchained 10 / 10

Way Before it's Time

Sidney J. Furie's 1964 Leather Boys was way before its time. Touching on the then controversial subject of homosexuality. The young cast of Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell and Dudley Sutton are outstanding. Filmed in black and white, the story is a realistic look at relationships between a husband and wife, and between two friends, one who turns out to be gay. Even the title of the film seems to tell it all, yet there aren't any scenes in any "Leather" bars. Watching the film you can figure out that one of the two friends is gay, but I guess in the early 1960s it was more difficult to figure out. The movie is interesting to look at, as it captures the norms of the society for those days. Now, it's clearly out-dated and if the viewer can not figure out the historical significance of the film, than the movie will only be fair.

Reviewed by liz-173 8 / 10

Great film!

Captures the atmosphere of the 60s biking scene brilliantly. Why in the reviews here does no-one mention the motorcycles??!!! The only reason I wanted to see this was to drink in the atmosphere of the Ace Cafe and see the bikes! It was a bonus that the film had Rita Tushingham and a good story.

Everyone seems to be getting excited about the 'gay' element, yes, it was pretty out there for the film made in the 60s, but it's really about society. It's about being an outsider, in more ways than one.

I saw an old interview with the director, Sidney J Furie; he said whilst filming at The Ace, all the locals completely ignored the cameras and even Rita Tushingham, because they were far more interested in their own scene than a load of actors.

It's hard to find this film now, but if you can, it's well worth a look. It might not be sophisticated as today's films, but that doesn't matter - it has the one thing they don't - originality!

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