The Laughing Policeman


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2489


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Joanna Cassidy as Monica
Louis Gossett Jr. as Larrimore
Bruce Dern as Larsen
Walter Matthau as Jake Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ashleyallinson 8 / 10

The Laughing Policeman

This sullen, violent police drama is as detailed an investigation as you will find on film. The opening scene of The Laughing Policeman is extremely tense and sets the tone for a Dirty-Harry-style flick that delivers one of Matthau's moodiest performances. Basically, a mass murder takes place on a San Francisco bus, and we find out that a policeman was one of the victims. He turns out to be Matthau's late partner. Bruce Dern is assigned to be his new partner, working with Matthau, a conflict of interest, to find out why this SFPD detective was on the bus in the first place. Their subsequent relationship is a play the standard, portrayed in the Laughing Policeman as "mute cop/bad cop". So, teams of gritty cops (a young Lou Gossett) meander through the roughest neighborhoods of San Francisco bullying pimps, pushers, hip drag queens and sidewalking street-wheelers in an attempt uncover what turns out to be a very complex underworld fraternity. The purpose (seeing as this plays as a Matthau character study), to quell Matthau's melancholic contribution to this Dirty Harry spin-off. It is more violent and much more precise than Dirty Hary but not as entertaining. A must see, however, for all Matthau fans.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7 / 10

An absorbing 70s crime drama.

Admittedly, the pace of "The Laughing Policeman" is pretty slow, but this is a well plotted murder mystery that gets a lot of juice from the marvelous chemistry between investigating detectives Walter Matthau (as Jake Martin) and Bruce Dern (as Leo Larsen). The supporting cast is likewise excellent and full of familiar faces. Producer / director / uncredited screenwriter Stuart Rosenberg makes great use of San Francisco locations, and keeps viewers intrigued with the police procedural aspect to the tale. The violence is pretty potent, and there's a certain amusement in seeing detectives Martin and Larsen work their way through the seedier environments of SF.

As the movie opens, a cop named Evans (Anthony Costello) follows a man named Niles (Louis Guss) onto a city bus; soon, a character known to Niles gets on board and pumps several passengers full of holes, including Evans and Niles. Martin, who happened to be Evans' partner, gets newly paired up with Larsen to work the case as their superior (Anthony Zerbe) demands results.

What's a joy here is seeing this cast at work. Matthau and Dern contrast nicely; what we come to know about Martin is that despite having a home and family, he's pretty much devoted to his job. Louis Gossett Jr. is fun as one of their colleagues; also making appearances are Val Avery, Cathy Lee Crosby, Mario Gallo, Joanna Cassidy, Paul Koslo, Frances Lee McCain, Clifton James, Gregory Sierra, Warren Finnerty, Matt Clark, and Wayne Grace. Albert Paulsen ("The Manchurian Candidate") has the most interesting role seeing that he actually has next to nothing in the way of dialogue.

The movie may get a little repetitive as it comes full circle at the end, but taking everything into consideration it's a good and solid example of its genre.

Based on the novel "Den Skrattande Polisen" by authors Per Wahloo & Maj Sjowall.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Slaughter in the Bus

In San Francisco, eight passengers and the driver of a bus are killed by a passenger with machine gun. Police detectives Jake Martin (Walter Matthau), Leo Larsen (Bruce Dern) and James Larrimore (Lou Gossett) find the body of Martin´s partner Dave Evans (Anthony Costello) among the victims. Lieutenant Steiner (Anthony Zerbe) assigns Larsen to be the new partner of Martin, who is obsessed by the murder of his former partner. He meets Evans' girlfriend that believed he was working in overtime with Martin. Now the detective is convinced that Evans was investigating the wealthy Camerero (Albert Paulsen), who was the prime suspect of a murder case two years ago.

"The Laughing Policeman" is a gloomy and gritty crime story with Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern in the leading role. The beginning is promissing with the massacre of passengers in a San Francisco bus. The pace is slow, and the plot is realistic, but dated. However, there are many parts that go nowhere, such as Larrimore with the pimp or the meeting with the Hell's Angels or the relationship of Jake Martin with his family. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Matança em São Francisco" ("Slaughter in San Francisco")

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