The Last White Man


Comedy / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 55

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwalk1144 4 / 10

Very odd

As a white man, seeing a movie titled "The Last White Man", definitely had me "intrigued" for lack of a better term. Well, first things first, i'm not somebody who gets offended, about anything. I went into this with an open mind hoping to be entertained. It had its moments. Overall as a film, it lacks in certain areas. I was awake at 3:30 a.m an threw it on. Wasnt the worst movie i ever watch. If you are someone whose easily offended, id say skip this one and avoid the annoyance. No need the trigger yourself.

Reviewed by jessicartim 1 / 10

A fail piece

So I watched this and well, you failed. Your main character didn't fail at life because he is white or because of some "agendas". He failed because he is an $%%hole and a dummy. Also if you want to make a movie with agenda try little more subtle ways, its more real and effective. And stop using b&w, it does not make your movie more serious or artsy. It shows you are little too desperate for attention.

Reviewed by adamchurvis 9 / 10

Yes, this film *IS* worth the effort

The 8-star reviewer was absolutely correct, if for no other reason than to understand what is coming our way very soon. It's now a mere two weeks after the Capitol Insurrection. A few of those terrorists have seen their paranoiac dreams crumble, sobered up, and gone home to reflect on how they could have allowed themselves to go insane -- and wait for the FBI to come knocking. But even more have spiraled down into that paranoiac dreamworld of conspiracy theories and lies, and are convinced now more than ever of the *EXACT* philosophy of the main character in this film. And, as we have already seen all too recently, they are ready and willing to act on it. And this time they will not take half-measures, I fear. So watch this film. Every minute of it. And know full well that THIS is what our beloved country will have to stop before it gets further out of control. May all my LGBTQ+, transgender, female, and siblings of color have countless rich blessings now and forever, and never come into contact with this disease of the soul.

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