The Invisible Guardian

2017 [SPANISH]

Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 13044

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Javier Botet as Basajaun
Miguel Herrán as Miguel Ángel
Marta Etura as Amaia Salazar
Colin McFarlane as Aloisius Dupree
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by natarr0-742-652941 8 / 10

Should be watched as a trilogy

Any confusion, and unsolved ends, are due mostly to this movie being part of a trilogy. Two movies are available now, and I think the third is soon to be released. The concerns over the tarot cards, and the mother etc. are all made clear in the second movie. I almost feel as if this would've been better as an entire series because if you only watch this first movie you'll miss out on the WHY of it all. I like the way it all eventually falls Into place, but this isn't obvious unless you watch both movies.

Reviewed by theruizs-51874 7 / 10

Good movie, strange ending

Spoilers follow! We really enjoyed this movie. But the ending left us puzzled and with a lot of unresolved questions. Did the Basajuan put the tree in the road to cause the accident? If that accident had not happened, Amaia never would have found the cabin and her older sister would have still killed Victor and saved the young girl. She only found the cabin because the Basajuan pulled her from the car and then lead her to it. So in a way, other than figuring out it was Victor, Amaia didn't really solve anything. In fact, her partner had already figured out it was Victor on his own. And it was he who found the connection between the earlier killings and the recent ones. So when you consider all that, why did she get so much credit at the end? If I were her partner I would not be happy about that.

There are many other questions unresolved too. The scene where her Aunt does the Tarot card reading ends with a card that seems to indicate the Devil is after Amaia, but that is never pursued anywhere in the movie. In fact, other than the point that the killer is "very close" the whole scene seems a bit out of place. So what was that all about? Also, why was her mother so crule to her and not her other sisters? Did her sisters not know about it? What happened to her Father? And why did the fact that Victor visited her mother regularly and brought her flowers trigger her realization that Victor was the killer?

Despite all that, we still enjoyed the movie and we hope at least a few of these questions will be answered in the next two movies. Of course, we could always read the books too and that may clear some of it up. All in all, this is definately worth watching!

Reviewed by titiboirok 9 / 10

worth a watch

I gotta say i enjoyed this movie from Spain.Never be put off by a review!Good atmosphere creation ...with the rainy weather?Characters are plausible,basic yet realistic psychology.interesting session of card reading!Made me want to visit a certain area of Spain too!Give it a try!

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