The Howling



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rudyvaldez-10391 1 / 10

O where to start

I don't know how I lasted 40 mins but I did lol keep grinding bro haters gonna hate but I would love the actors the review themselves lol (in general )

Reviewed by tdl-29368 1 / 10

Probably the worst thing I've seen in the last decade

I should have known this would be bad after the first minute, where we're treated to a literal minute of text, poorly written and full of grammatical errors no less, that reads like one of those stories you wrote when you were 10 and posted on random chat boards. It's almost "Who was phone?!?!" level bad.

Then we get one shot of a vhs tape (and I imagine negative production value if that's even possible), and then more text lol. Finally we get into the film in all its "tell don't show" glory. The narrator/guy who has terrible delivery which isn't helped by the writing that makes The Room seem like The Irishman. Seriously, if Wiseau came in and punched up the script it would've been a dramatic improvement. It doesn't help that the terrible dialogue and delivery are I'm guessing recorded by the worlds worst audio recorder, or maybe it was in camera (seem like a 20 y/o camcorder)...either way, it's muddled and all around bad.

And as to the plot (if you can call it that), it's basically just some dude with shaky cam pov shots narrating stuff that scared him...but you'll never see any of it. It'll be like "OMG, someone did this to me" and the next day "Whoa, this spooky thing happened last night"...but you. never. see. anything. This is just 90mins of shakey cam footage featuring terrible dialogue from an annoying almost cringy narrator.

Normally I don't like to criticize new directors since they're probably still learning but this should've been obvious to anyone on set especially the director that this was terrible and should've been either fixed, or scrapped entirely. Don't waste your time, you're better off watching paint least that will stand a higher chance of entertaining you.

Reviewed by cpobarnet 1 / 10

What did I just watch

Apparently the director held off on this production for many years. I have to say that you should have made it indefinitely. If their was a rating system on found footage movies out of 1000. And number 1 was the best. Then this movie would need to wait for 999 other found footage movies so it could go dead last. Don't waste your time watching.

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