The Hooked Generation


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 163

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Jeremy Slate as Daisey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Dealing dope in Florida

A trio of scummy small-time drug dealers kill Cuban smugglers for a boatload of narcotics. Complications ensue when a young couple witness the evil threesome committing this dirty deed.

Director/co-writer William Grefe relates the enjoyably sordid story at a steady pace, maintains an appropriately seedy tone throughout, and delivers several exciting shoot outs along with cool bits of crazy violence. The villains are a spot-on slimy bunch: Jeremy Slate as laidback ringleader Daisey, Willie Pastrano as the brutish Dum Dum, and, in a gloriously crazed turn, John Davis Chandler as zonked-out hophead Acid. Moreover, Steve Alaimo makes a favorable impression as nice guy Mark, slim blonde Cece Stone looks really yummy as fetching damsel in distress Kelly, and ubiquitous Florida exploitation cinema regular William Kerwin pops up as an FBI agent. Gregory Sandor's colorful cinematography boasts a few funky visual flourishes. A fun piece of drive-in sleaze.

Reviewed by Vornoff-3 6 / 10

"What are you going to do now, loser?"

With these words, the heroic cop confronts the villainous Daisy, a (male) drug- runner who has killed Cubans, Coast Guards and police officers in his efforts to transport "grass and junk" into Florida. Daisy works with Acid, a useless junkie that kills and rapes an Indian woman, accidentally brings the police down on the group multiple times and spends half the movie shooting up, and Dum Dum, a violent pot-smoking Hispanic whose name derives from the bullets in his gun.

Much of this movie centers around images of people on drugs or doing drugs. with a wonderful "Psychedelic Orgy" in the middle of it all. The rest of the time, our villains are fleeing through the swamps, dragging a pair of uncooperative hostages along with them for no apparent reason. The DP seems to have had some problems shooting in daylight, much of the outdoor scenes are woefully overexposed, but his studio-work is competent. The acting and plot are simply outrageous, and may be more enjoyable to experience on drugs. Not really a classic drugsploitation film, but a good example of the genre.

Reviewed by Hollywoodcanteen1945 8 / 10

I'm Hooked!

The Hooked Generation turns out to be a surprisingly well-done "B" movie. Steve Alaimo gives a solid performance and it's really amazing that this vastly talented actor never achieved mainstream popularity in motion pictures.

Alaimo is supported by his two real-life friends former world light-heavyweight boxing champion Willie Pastrano and the legendary radio D.J. Milton "Butterball" Smith. Pastrano goes slightly over-the-top in his role here, and it doesn't rate with his solid performance as Banjo in The Wild Rebels, but he is enjoyable to watch. The scene stealer is the always pleasant Milton "Butterball" Smith. Unless you're a native of South Florida and over 40, Alaimo, Pastrano, and Smith has no meaning. However, during the 60s, the trio were among the most-famous personality on the South Florida acting, music, and boxing scenes.

The Hooked Generation is far from a masterpiece or even a good-film. However, it is entertaining enough to hold your interest. If you're from South Florida it's even more so.

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