The Good Witch's Garden


Action / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 1971

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Catherine Bell as Cassandra Nightingale
Chris Potter as Jake Russell
Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori Russell
Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kmmal12 10 / 10

TGW Garden was awesome!!

Catherine Bell struck gold again in this adorable and very sweet sequel. Her character, Cassie is like no other we see on TV today. She tries to find the good in people and doesn't give up, yet sometimes the good doesn't always want to come out. Catherine and Chris Potter's chemistry is so much to watch. The kids were sweet and I thought did a better job acting in this one. But what I loved about the whole story was its messages it sends. This movie series has the potential of running very successfully and with Catherine Bell as their lead, Hallmark cant go wrong with the series. If you have not seen it yet, see it!

Reviewed by spatch3 7 / 10

Pagan/Celtic Wiccan Bittersweet review of Good Witches Garden

No sequel can be as fresh or as original as the first. This statement applies to the Good Witch sequel as it does to every other movie. In both movies, I loved Cassies off handed: "go and do this …" and it just changes the person's life. For example: Going to a garden club meeting when you don't know one is happening may cause a grandpa to get the attention of too many eligible women. Another example: Paying attention to such a simple object as a old wood tool that is used to plant seeds can also change a persons life. This example is almost to much to expect from such a simple object, but it makes for a good way to advance the story. Witches Garden has the originals positives and minuses: The made for TV feel is still very much here, but the lightheartedness of the main characters and Cassies insistence on always seeing the good in people even when it is obvious they are up to no good still makes this "a feel good movie" above the rest. I guess my main gripe with the movie series after seeing both, loving the first and liking the second is summed up in one word: Jealously. Cassie is more magickal than any Pagan, Wiccan or Witch could ever hope to be in real life. I know a lot of people in the craft and no one has her kind of intuition, no one. Then again this is just a movie, and as such a fantasy. This movie, like the first, presents a much maligned group in a positive light and that is a rare thing that must be commended.

SPOILER ALERT: Why oh why, did Cassie insist on giving Nick Chason the benefit of the doubt even when it was obvious he was up to no good? I guess this is the characters one weak point: Not seeing the bad or selfishness in people. When you are told your whole life how bad/evil you are and that you are going to hell for your beliefs or because of the way you live, it only makes sense to react in a completely opposite way to all of the judgmental people in your life.

Again, I would recommend this as a coming out (of the broom closet) movie, although I think the first one would be better since it starts from the beginning and no explanations would be necessary of any of the back story.

Reviewed by BogerBsquared 10 / 10

I loved the movie!

I love to watch horror movies on Halloween, but when I tuned in to "Good Witch", I was hooked for the next 3 hours. It was a pleasant change from my usual viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery without the violence. The story line was wonderful how a mysterious, unknown and unwelcome lady on her own made her mark on the community by helping the townspeople with their problems and was ultimately accepted. And, for me, the character of Cassie Nightingale could not have been cast any better than with Catherine Bell. She is arguably one of the most beautiful women on television. Watching her and Jake and Jake's children grow ever closer as the tale unfolded left me with a good "family value" feeling. Thank you, and I hope to be seeing more of the "Good Witch" in future Hallmark presentations.


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