The Golden Touch


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Billy Bletcher as King Midas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 9 / 10

This cartoon really does have a golden touch...

There was only one thing really that I didn't like about The Golden Touch was the ending, the whole idea that King Midas lost everything for a hamburger didn't convince me and came across as absurd instead. Then again, that's just me having one of my personal thoughts. Otherwise it is a great cartoon, that sadly gets a lot of hate(even from Walt Disney himself!) for some reason which I'd love to find out, especially when there are far worse Silly Symphonies out there(El Terrible Toreador for instance). Why did I love this cartoon? The animation is absolutely great, colourful and fluid throughout, with the standouts being how things turn to gold and the chilling part where Midas sees the skeleton through the mirror in his own robes, and complete with one of the catchiest beginning songs of any Silly Symphony the music is energetic and really sets the tone of the story well. The jokes are very clever, and while it is a tad predictable once Goldie offers Midas the golden touch the story is crisply paced and charming with a great message about how self-destructive greed is, though I have always wondered what happened to the cat once he's turned to gold. What is remarkable about The Golden Touch, other than the sprightly character of Goldie was the portrayal of Midas, who is so much more than the one-dimensional figure he could've been, instead he is greedy, but also subtle, pretty likable and you do feel sorry for him at the end. All in all, not a masterpiece but a great cartoon. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by CuriosityKilledShawn 5 / 10

Money will always be paper.

This 1935 short was Walt Disney's first time directing in 5 years (he wasn't entirely satisfied with his cartoon directors during this stage) and was his last effort at directing ever. He also hated this cartoon for undisclosed reasons.

It features King Midas, the greedy ruler of legend who craved gold and wishes for everything he touches to turn shiny and priceless. An elf called Goldie (gee, that's imaginative) appears and offers to make that wish come true. Midas enjoys it at first but soon comes to realize that the best things are life are those that you can touch and hold close to you. Or at least he would if the cartoon didn't just have him grow frustrated at not being able to eat dinner.

There is some nice animation in here, but overall it's forgettable. Respect Walt's wishes and skip it.

Reviewed by llltdesq 9 / 10

The tale of King Midas, more or less with the Disney "touch"

This is a color short in the Silly Symphonies series produced by the Disney studio. There will be spoilers ahead:

If you know the fable of King Midas, you essentially know the plot of this one. I don't even need to go through the plot, but here's the Cliff's Notes version-a greedy king named Midas wants even more gold than he has and is given the "gift" of the golden touch, so that everything he touches turns to gold.

The king here isn't the shiniest pebble in the pond, so he misses the obvious more than once in this short. Despite warnings from the elf named Goldy that this "gift" would be a curse instead, he demands to be given the "golden touch" and gets his wish.

You know what happens next-the obvious: Everything turns to gold. The beauty of the short is in the details, how things happen. The animation is beautiful and the gags are great, particularly the mirror gags, which have a bite to them.

The Nimrod in chief finally grasps the obvious and begs to be released. But being as his bulb is still dimmer than a ten watt bulb at half power, he makes an even more idiotic bargain than before. The end is no less than he deserves.

This short is available on the Disney Treasures Silly Symphonies DVD set and it and the set are well worth finding. Highly recommended.

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