The Glass Slipper


Action / Fantasy / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1318


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Leslie Caron as Ella
Walter Pidgeon as Narrator
Amanda Blake as Birdena
Lurene Tuttle as Cousin Loulou
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awonderfulwizard 10 / 10

An enchanting film from MGMs heyday...

I remember seeing this enchanting film for the first time when I was 10 or so and I've been fascinated with Leslie Caron's characterization of `Cinder' Ella ever since. Those beautiful expressive eyes! Some have called Caron's portrayal `bratty' but I think her Ella is not only convincing but also heartwarming. Of course you are supposed to feel bad for this dirty little servant girl who is forced to take out the ashes, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she continues to `act out' against those who shun her, which I think gives her an appealingly strong character. The art direction and costuming are gorgeous! Cinderella's massive pink and frilly `borrowed' ball gown is exquisitely detailed with crystals and roses, and the glass slippers are pure magic! As a dancer I find the ballet dream sequences quite impressive and exciting to watch, but my one main problem with this film would have be casting Michael Wilding as a ballet dancer in the Princess Tehara dream sequence. Wilding is obviously not a dancer and I wished they had cast someone who could actually hold his own next to Caron's wonderful technique. Estelle Winwood as Mrs. Toquet is certainly worth the price of admission.and then some! She is a funny, poignant and an amusing fairy godmother. Overall I find The Glass Slipper a wonderfully delightful diversion!

Reviewed by phillindholm 8 / 10

Cinderella With Heart!

"The Glass Slipper" is a modern interpretation of the classic fairy tale. And it's a good one. Leslie Caron is cast as Ella, a girl almost destroyed by the death of her mother and the lack of understanding shown her by her insensitive stepmother (Elsa Lanchester) and haughty stepsisters ("Gunsmoke's" Amanda Blake, and Lisa Daniels.) The local villagers are likewise indifferent to her, and (as narrator Walter Pigeon dryly observes), her spirit is in danger of being broken as a result. Enter local "madwoman/kleptomaniac" Estelle Winwood, who, simply by reaching out to the defiant girl, gives her confidence and hope. Yes, she's the film's equivalent of the fairy godmother, and she is wonderful in the part. Although the prince (a mature Michael Wilding) leaves a bit to be desired in the ''Charming''department, he is perfectly all right otherwise. Keenan Wynn is wasted as his companion, but Barry Jones is amusing as the prince's father, and Miss Lanchester makes a suitably nasty stepmother. what of Leslie Caron? Well, she goes from neglected little spitfire to luminous princess effortlessly, and her appearance at the ball is a treat. The ballet sequences do tend to slow the film down, but Miss Caron did begin her career as a dancer, and she has a grace few others could match. The music by Bronislau Kaper perfectly enhances the mood, as does the modest but tasteful production. Strangely enough, this could be called the original "Ever After", because, except for a delightful twist at the end, the tale is told as if it could have happened. All in all, a captivating version of "Cinderella", and one which will linger in your memory.

Reviewed by Cress 8 / 10

An orginal take of the classic fairy tale Cinderella

I saw this movie first when I was very young. I was fascinated by Lelie Caron after seeing GiGi and my Granny had this in her vast video collection. It is a great film taking a new twist on the Cinderella story incorporating ballet in it, which is great to watch. Though Michael Wilding is quite a disappointment as Cinderella's prince, but can be overlooked. The fairy godmother is funny and good fun to watch. With her list of favourite words 'Apple Dumpling' 'Windowsill' 'elbow' and of course Cinderella. Leslie Caron is cast well and plays the tortured Cinderella well. The sets and costumes are magnificent. All in all a very pleasant film to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon

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