The Frightened City


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 646

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Sean Connery as Paddy Damion
Herbert Lom as Waldo Zhernikov
Stephen Lewis as Alf's 1st Thug
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

The London Mob

The Frightened City is one of several films where Sean Connery is getting more and more noticed, leading to the stardom he would obtain the following year as James Bond. Though he's third billed in The Frightened City, it's his performance you'll remember.

Herbert Lom, a seemingly respectable businessman, is asked to launder some money by Alfred Marks one of London's top crime bosses. It occurs to Lom he's in unique position to make some really good money off all the crime bosses of London if they can be organized. Using Marks as a front, Lom does just that and the two of them hire Connery to be their chief enforcer in their protection racket.

It all works out really well when the hoods are muscling small businessmen for protection, but when they start going after bigger targets David Davies becomes squeamish and Lom and Marks decide he's to be eliminated. They use Connery to set him up and when Connery realizes he's unwittingly helped do in a friend he becomes a man with a mission. It's never good to have Sean Connery with a mission after you.

I think you can figure out the rest of the film. The Frightened City is a plot done many times over in American noir films which cycle had ended about five years earlier in America. This one gives you a nice glimpse of the seamier side of London. It was interesting by the way to hear the objections to going after big targets who might have influence with members of Parliament and the Home Office. Crooks are the same all over the world, pick on those you think can't fight back.

John Gregson is the Scotland Yard inspector who heads what we would call the organized crime unit there. He represents the good guys, but it's the bad ones that make The Frightened City an interesting film.

Reviewed by MOscarbradley 5 / 10

A decent enough gangster picture

A better than average script from Leigh Vance and director John Lemont and a highly charismatic performance from a pre-Bond Sean Connery give this British gangster picture something of a lift. It's hardly ground-breaking and the plot offers nothing new but it's tough and well cast, (as well as Connery there is excellent work from Herbert Lom and Alfred Marks as villains even if we do have to put up with the dull John Gregson on the right side of the law), and it passes ninety or so minutes pleasantly enough.

Reviewed by uds3 7 / 10

Connery but without the martini!

Just pre-Bondage, I find it beyond incredible that in all the years the IMDb has been around, only ONE person thus far, has commented on this film!

True, it was no groundbreaker even in its time - a bit of the old "know wot I mean?" crime drama, but hell it was a solidly made little piece and carries what I believe is an appropriate rating here. One that would probably gain it an inclusion in the top 4000 movies which is better than many can claim! (the greater majority actually)

You may note the film score here was in the capable hands of top Brit musical director (at the time) Norrie Paramor. Now Norrie was the musical arranger in 1961 for somewhat popular pop icon Cliff Richard, whose backing group THE SHADOWS (hands up anyone remembers Hank Marvin and Jet Harris!) had a huge hit in 1961 guessed it - THE FRIGHTENED CITY! I even have a copy!

A slimmer Connery but he delivers the goods here along with veteran Brit great Herbert Lom, both of whom were previously seen together in 1958's HELL DRIVERS!

As withnail-4 (New England) correctly nostalgia a boost, if nothing else!

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