The Flight Before Christmas


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6 10 1449

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Mayim Bialik as Stephanie Michelle Hunt
Ryan McPartlin as Michael Nolan
Brian Doyle-Murray as Noel Nichols
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by utgard14 7 / 10

Lifetime gives Hallmark a run for its money

Delightful romantic Christmas movie with Mayim Bialik and Ryan McPartlin making the most of a formulaic plot. The story here has Mayim's character dumped by her boyfriend right before she's supposed to move in with him, while Ryan is about to propose to his girlfriend for all the wrong reasons. Fate (in the form of a vaguely Santa-esque Brian Doyle Murray) brings the two together as they try to make it to their respective destinations for Christmas. Familiar TV movie tropes follow: winter weather grounds all flights, couple is forced to share a room, couple gets advice from older married couple that has been together for centuries, and so on. As I said, it's pretty formulaic in most respects but what makes it work so well is the chemistry and likability of the leads. Yes, that's right, Blossom and Captain Awesome actually have great chemistry. Who knew?

Major points for whoever cast Mayim Bialik in the lead. She doesn't look or act like the female leads in these things usually look and act. I'm not someone who typically cries foul about diversity in TV and movies but I will admit it's nice to see a leading lady who isn't your standard size four perky WASP. Ryan, yes, is a little more of the norm for these things (though he does an exceptionally good job being more than just the 'hunky prize'). The highlight of the movie for many will be the reunion of Reginald VelJohnson and Jo Marie Payton, the loving parents from Family Matters. They play the older couple that I mentioned before and steal every scene they're in. If there's no other reason you might check this out, you should for them. Children of the '90s get their nostalgia's worth in this one, with Blossom and the Winslows representing well.

If you enjoy made-for-TV Christmas movies, I see no reason you won't like this one. It's got heart and humor and (surprisingly) well-written characters. That it was made for Lifetime and not the king of Christmas movies, Hallmark, is all the more impressive. Glad to see Lifetime can make more than misandric thrillers and cheesy soaps.

Reviewed by roastrolog-com 10 / 10

Nice relaxing movie

I think this movie is perfect for a Christmas afternoon. It is very relaxing, no violence at all. It is the classical story of two people lost in a storm ( well you will not see too much of the storm,though) who end up by having a good time together. I must admit that i liked watching it, drinking a nice cup of chocolate and thinking that Cinderella stories still exist. I strongly recommend it for a quiet relaxing morning or afternoon. I underline that it is not a masterpiece at all and the scenario is pretty plausible. DO not set too many high hopes on it, it will not make your brain work to find i don't know what hidden meaning in it... but....sometimes we all need to watch something relaxing and nice. enjoy!

Reviewed by phd_travel 8 / 10

Different from the other Christmas TV movies

Two people meet on a flight from LA back East. She has recently been dumped and he is an a long distance relationship. But of course romance ensues.

The dialog is a bit more interesting than the usual Christmas TV movie. There seems to be a subtle message about compatibility of personality over looks. " This is Mayim Bialik's movie. For fans of "Big Bang Theory" where she plays Amy Farrah Fowler - it's a treat to see her. Usually Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies don't feature lead romantic actresses who look like or are shaped like her. It's nice to see someone like her leading this type of movie. Ryan McPartlin of "Chuck" is a good enough comedic actor to make his role believable.

If you are going to watch one Xmas movie this year this is a good choice.

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