The Finest Hour


Drama / War

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 573

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Rob Lowe as Lawrence Hammer
Gale Hansen as Dean Mazzoli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsoonsa 5 / 10


A blend of action/adventure with romantic drama is attempted in this work completed soon after the "Desert Storm" imbroglio in the Middle East, showcasing Rob Lowe and Gale Hansen as U. S. Navy Seals sharing a desire for underwater military operations as well as for a comely marine biologist played by Tracy Griffith. As the film opens, Lawrence Hammer (Lowe) and Dean Meszoly (Hansen) become best friends while training in California to be Seals, where they meet and compete for favours from Barbara (Griffith); after the course is successfully completed, a Las Vegas sojourn for R & R is discontinued by sudden nuptials for Hammer and Barbara, an event that Dean regards with despair, and so the companionship of the young commandos is no more. The impending U.S./Iraq conflict, as orchestrated via "Desert Shield", forms the background for the picture's largest segment, as the two Naval officers, now become mini-sub specialists upon opposite American coasts, are reunited as members of a task force to be deployed near an island in the Strait of Hormuz where an Iraqi naval site is reportedly being developed in order to utilize biological warfare. During what is nearly a suicide mission, Hammer receives severe wounds, and Meszoly requests that Barbara come to Dubai to visit her husband in hospital, hopefully expediting recuperation, but Hammer soon joins his fellow Seals in a last chance foray to destroy the biochemical weapons, no matter what risks the team must take. The disparate components - personal relationships and combat daring - do not mesh here, primarily from a lack of directoral clarity, in addition to blocking gaffes, as improbabilities quickly become cliche, although there are some suspenseful moments. The production was shot at and about San Diego and its environs, with acting honours going to Hansen who creates a layered role; actual doctored film segments made during Desert Storm seem positively instructional in comparison with this feature, that additionally casts mainly Israeli players in Arab parts.

Reviewed by wankski 9 / 10

Navy SEAL buff or not, great flick...

I think the last Aussie reviewer hit the nail on the head. This movie despite being based on the experiences of an elite US naval frog team at war is surprisingly value-neutral when it comes to extolling the virtues of the US military, or even the reasons for going to war. This may have to do with the fact that the writer/director, Shimon Dotan, is an Israeli. In short, I enjoyed this movie, because it introduces some character development in a genre where it is often conspicuously absent. The casting of Rob Lowe as the career jackass was a stroke of genius! That said, there are aspects of honour and sacrifice inherent in his role, which he does bring out. However, like others I felt Gale Hansen stole the show with his role as the strong-willed and dependable leader contrasting with Lowe's as the antithesis. I like the fact that everything didn't work out at the end, and the monologue delivered at the end summed up the whole experience nicely. Go see it.

Reviewed by qormi 1 / 10

Sucked more than an 8 lb. Orek

Unbelievably lame flick. I saw it on cable TV. I couldn't believe 1992 was still basically the 80's. This movie was filled with unattractive women with ugly, kinky 80's hair. One scene in a nightclub was laughable. It seemed to be "dog" night. Rob Lowe's sidekick was a guy who looked a lot like a lesbian, especially when he smiled. Not that there's anything wrong with lesbians; it just seemed out of place. I couldn't believe he was a male navy seal. Rob Lowe seemed lost in his moustache...not a good look for him. The 80's music soundtrack was unrelenting - you know..kind of sounds like merry-go-round music. All in all, it was a laughable, yet pathetic attempt of a movie.

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