The Filthy Thirteen



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denisrush 1 / 10

Bad bad bad

This has to be the worst War I'v ever watched. No authenticity. Can easily be seen that was shot in England. The 13 weapons only one was of world war II American carrying 303s. Old Winchester and luger Hi unreal and you're expected to buy this s***

Reviewed by ughlee 1 / 10

This story deserves better!

This is one of the greatest untold stories of WWII. It was the basis for the myths that formed the fictional Dirty Dozen, but the true story is so fantastic it didn't need embellishment, artistic license, or any additional drama. The true story should be told and can stand on its own, but it really deserves better than this. This was a travesty.

Reviewed by retphcs 1 / 10

A Waste of Time

This has got to be one of the worst Adaptions of a true story I have ever watched. The producers and director should have paid the extra money to have a military representative on-site. If not that, then at least someone who had a clue about firearms. Lever action rifles were never issued to American troops in Europe. Even if they had been, you can't shoot a Henry multiple time and never work the lever. It might have been a good movie had anyone associated with it had a clue about the military or World War II. As far as believable, I would put it on the same level as Howard The Duck.

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