The Fear of 13


Biography / Crime / Documentary / Mystery

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 7233

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hydemine 10 / 10

Incredible, a must see.

The first thing that struck me about this film was Mr Yarris's incredible story telling ability. It is non-fiction but I immediately had to IMDb it to check because I was sure he was an actor. His talent with words and elegance with delivery grows throughout the film. This, coupled with skillfully placed flash back scenes, completely immerse you into the story. Yarris's life could easily be argued as one of the most tragic ever to be lived. For a film which is essentially a 90 minute interview, I was completely blown away by how much it entertained me and moved me. A dark horse of quality film and story telling. Added to my repeat watch list and recommended to everyone I know.

Reviewed by conroymalcolm 10 / 10

Definition of Real Storytelling

I've watched many documentaries about crime and listened to people who have committed crimes.

I don't usually rate documentaries because they provide different information that is important across the board and I can't put a rating on that.

This is my first ever review and the reason why I chose to review this film is because it's one of the most captivating and detailed story I've ever listened to, about crimes someone have committed. Throughout the film, I kept asking myself, why is this (former) prisoner so good at storytelling and why was he in prison, it is almost like you almost can't believe that the story actually happened because of the way he was conveying it. The cinematics were just enough to compliment Nick Yarris' story which made it all together very engaging and beautiful. Even though he went back and forth in history while he told his story, it was still easy to understand because it all came together as he spoke.

A wonderful story that everyone should hear.

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-386916 8 / 10

Moving and well made documentary

Nick Yarris was convicted of a horrible crime and sentenced to death – this is his story. It is basically Nick telling the story of his life to camera and mostly done in a chronological fashion. There is some re enactment of his past life as a child but that is a small part of the film.

For a film that basically just has one man talking to the camera for the majority of the time, this is incredibly powerful. It is an amazing, sad and moving story and I challenge anyone not to be moved by it. I watched it over a week ago and have only just decided to write a review to see if the film had lost any of its potency and nope it has not.

To say any more runs the risk of spoiling the story so I will demur, this is recommended to anyone who appreciates the uniqueness that real life can portray and who appreciate quality in their film making.

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