The End of the Tour


Action / Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 29251


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John Travolta as Himself
Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace
Anna Chlumsky as Sarah
Christian Slater as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

he wants more than he has..

The End Of The Tour

A small proportion of the movies that are made relies on pure content, conversation or tales and this is definitely one of them. The End Of The Tour is smartly executed but more of the work here is done by the writers and the two lead actors on screen for almost the whole runtime of the movie. But what lacks here is a touch of cinema or a bit of drama too for the audience to not only glued onto the seats but also to root the characters floating around it. Jason is good in his role but Jesse is the key to enrich the soul that The End Of The Tour seeks.

Reviewed by PWNYCNY 10 / 10

Two strangers become real friends

Two men spend time together, ostensibly for business, but each with ulterior motives which are revealed as the story progresses. The two men are David Lipsky, a reporter for Rolling Stone, and David Wallace, a writer who just wrote a critically acclaimed novel. The tension mounts as both men try to gain dominance over the other. In this case the domination is not physical but intellectual and emotional. Each call out the other's failings, fears and hypocrisy. Both become enmeshed in each other's business. Lipsky finds himself answering as many questions as he asks as Wallace finds himself going on the defensive to avoid having to deal with subjects that to him are too personal and off-bounds. Yet, defensive barriers crumble and both men are able to speak to each other with a frankness that is evidence of real friendship. This is a wonderful movie.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 7 / 10

More than your average biopic

I was hesitant about this movie. Because I love DFW's writing. Because his estate regarded the book and film as exploitation. Because Jason Siegel (?). But I found myself drawn in quickly. A.O. Scott commented that this film was less biopic than reflection/meditation on celebrity. Gotta say that I agree. The audience very quickly finds itself grappling with who we want to be and why. I think Wallace would like that. It is a talk-y film, but all the talking works. If I'm gonna drive around the Midwest, these two writers are good company.

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