The Edge of All We Know



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James_Denton 6 / 10

A documentary where I learnt about Hawkings Radiation

I would imagine anyone who watches this does so as they too are intrigued by what are one of the greatest discoveries in the universe, Black Holes, and how they play a central role in the formation of galaxies... and more.

The documentary is a build up to the climatic moment when the theory for the existence of Black Holes, based on how they influence their surrounding environment, changes to the discovery of finally seeing a Black Hole! It's an incredible moment.

I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by marcelotruta 2 / 10

Who's Going To Watch This And Be Amazed?

Like other reviews mentioned, the show portrays content only fully comprehensible by those who's in the inner circle, or, should I say, theoretical physicists.

For the average viewer, you'll find a boring show and will try hard to understand the excitement those physicists were having, but you'll fail to do so simply because it's not explained in simpler terms for the majority of the audience.

What is the purpose of making a show that only 0.000000001% of the audience will receive (understand) the message?

2/10 .

Reviewed by darshanvasist 4 / 10

One of the greatest findings shown as a chance finding

The makers have made a mockery of one of the greatest findings in the history of mankind if not the greatest.

The have shown two different things without properly connecting the two. The scientist who have written the paper have been made to look like they somehow managed to prove their theory hook or by crook. Goes to show without a proper story even the biggest achievements can be make to look poor.

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