The Disciple

2020 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 1400


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rupeshsukale46 9 / 10

Chaitanya's take on Music

In his interview with Anupama Chopra, Chaitanya confessed that he did not knew a lot about Indian classical music. But his movie speaks a lot about music not just about Indian classical music but music as a whole.

His take on Indian music shows, on online trollers who judge the singers when they hardly know about it, his take on Music mafias, on changing music style of music show contestants, on Fusion bands in colleges, on failure, on aspiring career in music, on on unpaid fees to classical singers, many things 'The Disciple' talks about with its slow camera movement.

The hustle of protagonist Sharad Nerulkar is clearly visible, the slow death of interest of Indian audience towards Classical music is very well felt.

What i loved most about this movie is that it stands unapologetic to itself, did not tried to make people feel relevance, just telling story as is, without adulteration of dramas to please audience, it does not have it's own opinion on many things, it just show what the reality is.

Clearly best movie made about music. Must watch on Netflix.

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 8 / 10

If "Court" wasn't enough, Chaitanya Tamhane brings another Gem of Realistic Cinema.

The Disciple (2020) : Movie Review -

Since Chaitanya Tamhane's debut film Court (2014) made waves across the nation despite being a non commercial regional film, the speculations about his next film being on that level were increasing the heat. The Disciple recieved wide acclaim in foreign countries and film festivals and the heat became even hotter. Alright now, The Disciple lives upto the hype and yes even according to critics mindset. Chaitanya Tamhane delivers 2nd consecutive Gem of Realistic cinema and brings forgotten treasure into limelight though melodious, poetic and allegorical manners.

The film is about an aspiring young guy Sharad Nerulkar who wants to become a classical singer and believes in Music and his legendary music teachers. His journey begins from childhood by lessons from his Father, then lessons from his Guru in teenage and simultaneously he listens to audio tapes of renowned classical singer who used to have unbelievable talent but never got recognisation. The film derives through subversive changes in Sharad's life and personality and his new discoveries about life. The writing is meaningful, screenplay is highly realistic and the narrative is subtle with some brilliant outcome.

Aditya Modak in lead role is outstanding in every frame, call even a sidelined scene and he has done his 100% in that scene too. Arun Dravid as his Guruji is naturally brilliant and realistically favourable to the context of the character. The supporting cast is equally good and noteworthy even if they have small roles. The musical part of the film something which makes it melodious and it feels mesmerizing to listen Classical Raags.

Director Chaitanya Tamhane deserves big round of applause for putting a great show yet again. He knows the essence of every single field of filmmaking and it shows up on screen. You can notice how he makes an ordinary scene look so poetic and allegorical just by using slow motion pan frame and background music. He likes to keep it real more than dramatic which is why both of his films have been loved by critics and quality cinema lovers. The Disciple is another cinematic gem from Tamhane which can't be missed by any Movie Buff. Relive the forgotten treasure of classical music and legendary thoughts and discover something of your own.

RATING - 8/10*

Reviewed by SleepingMorpheus 8 / 10

A brilliant character study

'The Disciple' is a movie about a journey of an artist and how it pans out over the years. This movie is beautifully directed with on the spot set pieces and full of Indian classical music. The music is so tastefully presented that, even if you are not familiar with it, it sucks you in with its atmosphere and carries over the whole movie.

I speak Marathi, so it was even better experience for me, as the dialogs feels very natural along with all the production. The movie moves slowly, showing us daily struggles of an artist who wants to make it big in field with rapidly declining scope. This along with an amazing lead performance and atmospheric music and brilliant production design makes it worth a watch.

Its a very solid character study, I can easily see this getting such a wide applause.

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