The Daydreamer


Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 347


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Hayley Mills as The Little Mermaid
Patty Duke as Thumbelina
Boris Karloff as The Rat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by backbaybos 10 / 10

A Childhood Institution

Cmon, this film is a holiday favorite. A local TV station would show it every Thanksgiving. I even saw it in the theatre when it came out. It's a simplistic film for children. Perhaps you're not getting that fact.

For it's was done very well. This was before FINDING NEMO, RATATOUILLE, and TOY STORY. Remember, in 1966, there were no computer generated images to dazzle. It was all done one frame at a time. We're not talking Spielberg here. You have to give credit to the crew members. In the day...this was state of the art.

OK, so it's not to everyone's taste, I understand. But to this child, it will always bring back wonderful memories of turkey, a lit fireplace, adults at the dining room table, and us kids glued to the TV screen watching Hans Christian Anderson come to life. When this was played we knew Christmas wasn't far behind.

This movie is truly an ensemble piece. Most of the stars are dead. At least we have the DVD to see the great performances. They really were great. This is a true classic!

Reviewed by josephbrando 9 / 10

Magical Puppet Animated Storybook Fantasy

Fairy Tale lovers are in for a treat with this star-studded live action/animation feature film produced by the wonderful Rankin/Bass team - best known for their holiday masterpieces "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Frosty the Snowman" and "Mad Monster Party", just to name a few.

The wraparound story (which is live-action) deals with a young Hans Christian Anderson struggling to find The Garden of Paradise. These parts of the movie are admittedly corny, but on his journey, we are treated to four enchanting stories, each filmed in Rankin/Bass's trademark stop-motion "Animagic". The stories are unusual in that they all end on a low note rather than a typical "Disney happy ending" - keeping true to Anderson's original tales. Included here are "The Little Mermaid", "The Emperor's New Clothes", "Thumbelina" and "The Garden of Paradise". Once again Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass have created a fantasyland of wonder and imagination filled to the brim with beautiful tunes. This movie should get 10 stars alone for getting Tallulah Bankhead to voice the sea-witch in "Little Mermaid".

Magnificent Eye-Candy!

Reviewed by primus8 10 / 10

Profound and entrancing...

The charismatic storyteller from Denmark was never quite like this, but it is none-the-less a profound and entrancing time capsule of fantasy spun with gossamer whole-cloth from the 1960's era. What it doesn't convey with staging and costume and storyline it equally expresses with what it leaves out from the whole of historical relation. The balance weighs it as entertaining, but it is also quite educational. Simply put, keep this one in your collection and pull it out when you feel like retreating into the younger years of a bygone age.

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