The Dark Horse


Biography / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 5808

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Rachel House as Vagrant Woman
Cliff Curtis as Genesis
Roseanne Liang as Nurse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lindsay-thompson 10 / 10

A stunning, beautiful triumph of New Zealand film

I had the chance to see this film on the opening night of the 2014 New Zealand International Film Festival. The advance reviews from critics had been so unanimously high that I went in with pretty strong expectations, which can easily backfire when a film is unable to live up to the hype. I really thought that might be the case with this.

But, literally, from the first frame of this incredible film (which silenced everyone around me, it's such a stunning opening shot), I forgot all of that, and became completely utterly wonderfully immersed in the story and performances and everything that unraveled before my eyes over the next two hours.

The way that this film deals with chess, Maori mythology, mental illness, gangs, kids... and weaves them all together, is just so compelling. The way that it moves from tragedy to comedy, without it ever feeling forced... the performances from people that apparently have never acted before in their lives... It's really hard to believe and so impressive.

The reaction around me was also hard to believe. Throughout the film, people all over the theatre (myself included) were literally laughing, crying, applauding, gasping, cheering, weeping... And then at the end after the ENTIRE credits had rolled without anyone moving, there was a standing ovation from the ENTIRE audience - almost 2,500 people! Incredible. I haven't been part of something quite like that before.

The emotion of this film is so powerful, the craft on display is so strong, the directing, writing, acting, music, cinematography. Just sublime. I really was floored.

The person I attended with told me after wards they thought this could be the greatest NZ film they've ever seen. I recently heard the National Radio Review say a similar thing when they were reviewing it.

I would have to agree.

Simply stunning. 10/10.

Reviewed by jdroam 9 / 10


I have grown weary of ratings over 8 recently and I want to let anyone reading this that I don't give out a 9 or 10 without thoughtful consideration. I developed this trepidation towards highly rated movies in the last few years in reaction to the incredible ratings that I have observed for Hollywood blockbusters in the last few years on review websites.

I go into films expecting to have my mind blown after seeing an 8 out of 10 rating, instead I'm am confronted with formulaic shtick. This film wholeheartedly deserves a 9 or 10 out of 10. It subtly puts across a plethora of social commentaries that will leave you thinking for days.

I am from New Zealand so found it very easy to identify with the characters but I am fairly confident it will come across to anyone from any background or nation. Cliff Curtis deserves to be on the international stage for his performance in this film.

Go and see it, you deserve it! To finally see an 8/9 out of 10 that is actually worthy of it. The group I saw this with was left quietly affected for hours. I suspect for days, I cannot confirm as I was only in this groups company for hours.

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