The Crow: City of Angels


Action / Crime / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 19416


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Mia Kirshner as Sarah
Thomas Jane as Nemo
Iggy Pop as Curve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carmelahayslett 10 / 10

I always loved this film. Give a chance.

I'm a long-time fan of this film but I won't go off and say that I don't understand why people trash it. Like any film, The Crow: City of Angels isn't for everyone. Believe it or not, the first Crow film wasn't for everyone either. I will say that I did not like this film the first time I saw it. I am a major fan of the first and it's hard to enter the sequel with an open mind and clear perception. The second time I saw this film is when I fell in love with it and was able to by viewing it as it's own film. If you're going to sit there and compare it to the original, chances are you will never be happy with it. If you compared many movies to the first crow film you would never be happy with them either. I love this film completely separate from it's original counterpart. Though Miramax tried to make this a mirror image of the first film do not expect to see what you saw in the first film. This is a different place, a different man, and a different story. In my opinion it is the best of the sequels. Now, the third and forth crow films... whether I compare them to the first or not I just don't like them. They did not interest me in the slightest and I'm sorry I ever watched them.

First off, there are throwbacks to the original film. Sarah is grown up and living as a goth tattoo artist in a grungy, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Sarah still wears Shelly's ring and has taken care of their cat Gabriel. She is also a painter. She's working on a painting of Eric and Shelly in which it's imagery comes full circle at the end of the movie. However, unlike the original crow film and its other sequels we're not watching the same story. This is what pisses me off about Salvation and Wicked Prayer: They recycle the man and his girlfriend gets killed scenario. Eric Draven already did that. There's no need for multiple, watered down versions of this story. In The Crow: City of Angels, Ashe Corven (Vincent Perez) and his young son Danny are killed by a drug cartel when they witness something they shouldn't have. Killing anyone is crossing the line but killing a child crosses multiple. For anyone who has been a parent this story will evoke your fear of losing a child. That story in it's own right is very terrifying.

The bad guys are an interesting bunch. We have a Pre-punisher Thomas Jane as the perverted Nemo, the energetic and comical bad guy, Spider-monkey, Iggy Pop as Curve, along with Thuy Trang who was the original Yellow Ranger in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. We also have Richard Brooks as the guy in charge, Judah. He's no Top Dollar but let me tell you, Brooks prevails in making you hate him throughout this film. This band of criminals aren't quite as interesting as T-bird's gang was in the original movie. That's okay. I don't want them to be because they're the bad guys and I'm supposed to hate them. In this film, you don't explore their personalities until they are about to die but we do spend a significant amount of time with Curve (Iggy Pop). Iggy brought just the right amount of energy into the film because the rest of the villains are overly calm and collected.

I understand Vincent Perez's performance throws some people off. I happen to love and admire Vincent Perez as an actor mainly because of this film and his role in Queen of the Damned. I even admire the fact that he used subtle crow-like movements throughout the film. My perception is that we're supposed to believe the crow and the man are one entity divided. I truly felt that in Perez's performance. There's even a scene in the original cut of the film where the crow morphs into Ashe viewed from a shadow on the wall. You can actually still find it in the original trailer. That along with other things was left to die on the editing room floor, I guess. Perez did a great job in securing all the different emotions of the character. He's killing his killers but even when he does he's not becoming them.

What I love most about this film is that on the technical end it was executed almost flawlessly from cinematography, lighting, coloration, production design and wardrobe. This film had everything I wanted to see in a movie. It had all the elements that Hollywood blockbusters are supposed to have. Highly stylized, strikingly visual, and mesmerizing.

My last statement is that it bothers me that some people act like Brandon Lee is going to put a curse on them if they show any interest in the sequel. It is not disrespectful to Brandon Lee that this film was made. Them trying to remake the original? I find that much more disrespectful than anything. It's like they are trying to erase the original and Brandon Lee's performance in it whereas the sequels were more about trying to capitalize on it. This entire review is my personal opinion. Like I said, The Crow City of Angels wasn't for everyone. Take it or leave it as you please but I'm not afraid to say this has always been one of my favorite films.

Reviewed by countessmenula 10 / 10


Do not let anyone tell you this is a poor remake of the original. The film is absolutely beautiful, but if you're one of those closed-minded fans who only like The Crow because of Brandon Lee, you will never give this sequel a chance to prove its self that it could be just as good as the original.

The storyline is a good one. Revenging your son's death rather than your girlfriend's is a lot more deep. Sarah is gorgeous and has a dark sense of style. Vincent Perez was also a fine choice to play Ashe.

There are some very beautiful quotes in the film too.

There really is nothing wrong with this film. I don't have the slightest clue why people hate it.


Reviewed by terminator690 9 / 10

Very Good! I Really Enjoyed It

Stop criticising this movie! Surly it's no match for the first Crow movie, but in the long run it's a totally different movie to the first. The Characters are different, The actors are different, the villains are different and technically the story is different, for in the first movie, It's Eric Draven's Fiancée that gets murdered and the "sequel", It's Ashe's SON that get's murdered.

O.K. maybe i'm wrong, it more likely is a sequel. But it's not a sequel to the first crow film, it does not follow the same story, it's about a completely different person.

The message I'm trying to get through to you is: "Stop thinking of it as a sequel. Think of it as it's own movie, THEN you'll enjoy it better." Walk down to a video store near you, and rent it out. Just give the damn movie a chance.

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