The Creeping Terror


Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.2 10 4091

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 1 / 10

"Did anyone know how to run in the 50's?"

Another Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic, The Creeping Terror, oh, how this "film" makes me laugh like no other. This is the movie that you hear about that was made in the old days that had the worst effects in the world, the horrible acting, the plot holes that stretch from here to Albania, and the God awful story that just makes you wonder what the writers must have been smoking to think that it was gold in their pocket. Everything that is wrong about this movie, you can imagine it, it's just ridicules.

A newlywed deputy, Martin Gordon, encounters an alien spacecraft that has crash landed in fictional Angel County in California. A large, slug like, monster emerges from the side of an impacted spaceship. A second one, still tethered inside, kills a forest ranger and the sheriff when they independently enter the craft to investigate. Martin, now temporary sheriff, joins his wife Brett; Dr. Bradford, a renowned scientist; and Col. James Caldwell, a military commander and his men to fight the creature. Meanwhile the monster stalks the countryside, devouring a girl in a bikini, picnickers at a hootenanny, Grandpa Brown and his grandson while fishing, a housewife hanging the laundry, the patrons at the community dance hall, and couples in their cars at lovers' lane. The protagonists ultimately deduce that the monsters are not intelligent. They are mindless biological-sample eaters. The bio-analysis data is microwaved back to the probe's home planet through the spaceship. At the end of the film, both creatures are destroyed, but not before the signal is sent, boding ill for the human race, but perhaps a threat that may not come for another two million years. The galaxy to which the transmission was aimed is a million light years away, in the opinion of the dying scientist character.

Seriously, my favorite scene will always be the dance hall scene, this HUGE sluggish slow thing that goes into the local dance manages to eat everybody? Not only that but randomly a fight breaks out between the people for no reason. For some reason people are screaming at each other vs. just trying to escape the monster. I love also how everyone that gets eaten by this creature doesn't really run, they just stand there waiting for the monster to eat them. As a episode for Mystery Science Theater 3000 this is a true classic of it's own, I highly recommend it, if you're looking for the ultimate laugh, go ahead and see it, Mike and the robots just add the commentary that you're pretty much thinking and just needs to be said out loud. This is one of the best bad movies ever made, it's so much fun to make fun of and I'm sure that your parents will deny that they ever existed during the 1950's.


Reviewed by aesgaard41 2 / 10

It Moves, It Eats, It Mates With Cars

There was only one possible reason for this movie to be made and that was to see women's rears stuck up into the air as they went down the monster's gullet. Just to keep from being called a pervert, the director tosses the monster some male actors and extras he didn't want to pay. Monster ? It's a living shag rug with several other dirty shag rugs sewn together. At one point, it even snags on a car and the "puppeteers and victims" inside have to hump a car to get freed. In fact, you know its going to be a bad movie because it requires a narrator to explain what's going on as you watch it. Actually, the narration is supposed to cover up a lost soundtrack; any sane director would have called it off at that point. The "attacks" are pretty ridiculous; the thing moves so slow that everyone has well enough time to run, and it makes so much noise there's no way it can sneak up on you. These people want to be eaten so the monster dutifully obliges. This movie may have been made just to show off the rolling hills and scenery of Lake Tahoe where it was filmed. After this movie, you'd think no one would ever go there again.

Reviewed by lorne-2 1 / 10

They had no shame

What really sets this movie apart from other bad films is the makers' utter lack of embarrassment at the disastrous technical execution of the film. It isn't just that the monster is an old carpet, the exterior of the spaceship appears to be a garage door, and the editing is so incongruous it seems almost abstract. These shameless idiots actually lost or destroyed or never made a soundtrack, so they substituted bad narration (complete with weird pseudo-psychological non-sequitor explanations of characters' motivations), random dubbing of snatches of dialogue ("My god! What is it?"), even more random music (startlingly awful music) and under-mixed sound effects. You must see it. It's so bad it commands your attention, but the pacing is so slow it can only really be watched in fast forward.

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