The Courtship of Andy Hardy


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Romance

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Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy
Donna Reed as Melodie Nesbit
Sara Haden as Aunt Milly
Todd Karns as Harry Land
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twhiteson 6 / 10

The Ugly Pretty Girl Plot Device

It's not surprising to discover that one of the teen movie genre's silliest plot devices, the Ugly Pretty Girl, was around even during Hollywood's Golden Age. The Ugly Pretty Girl usually involves taking some drop-dead gorgeous starlet and putting her in glasses, frumpy clothes, and an unbecoming hairstyle and then having all the other characters act like she is physically repulsive. Of course, as the movie progresses, the glasses come off and a new hairstyle and fashionable wardrobe allow everyone to "discover" that she's really a knock-out! The absurdity of this plot device is that despite the glasses, frumpy clothes and hair- it's ALWAYS obvious that the girl is beautiful!

I used to think that Rachel Leigh Cook in "She's All That" made the most absurd Ugly Pretty Girl. However, that opinion changed upon seeing "The Courtship of Andy Hardy." This movie is another moralistic episode of the small town lives of Judge Hardy and his family. Here Judge Hardy's son, Andy (Mickey Rooney), finds himself in trouble with the law when he is accused of stealing a car. (Yes, Andy Hardy is threatened with being charged with grand theft auto in a sub-plot that must be seen to be believed.) Andy turns to his dad for help, and Judge Hardy decides he will help Andy if Andy helps him.

Judge Hardy is overseeing a nasty custody/child support battle between a divorced couple who are using their only child, Melodie (Donna Reed), to attack one another. Judge Hardy sees that this is having a terrible effect on Melodie who has become a very withdrawn and bitter teen. The Judge knows that he can talk to the parents and get them to understand that their fighting is harming their daughter, but he wants Andy to show Melodie a good time in order to break through her loneliness and bitterness. It is here where the movie goes off the deep-end because Andy thinks Melodie is a "droop" and finds the idea of having to hang out with her to be a terrible burden.

The problem with that is that young Donna Reed (she can't be much older than 20 here) was a stunningly beautiful woman and this movie does virtually nothing to hide that fact except put her in a frumpy dress. (They don't even have her wearing glasses!) Yet we're supposed to believe that Andy and all his buddies find her unattractive. The scene were Andy is paying his friends to dance with her takes the Ugly Pretty Girl plot device into the realm of the surreal.

Overall, this an OK entry into the Andy Hardy series. However, it's notable only for its taking the Ugly Pretty Girl plot device to one of its more ludicrous pinnacles.

Reviewed by utgard14 7 / 10

"Them that has them shows them."

Another wonderful entry in the immensely enjoyable Andy Hardy series, even if this one's plot strains credulity at times. Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) handles a case where divorced parents are so busy hating each other they're turning their daughter Melodie (Donna Reed) into a bitter and lonely young woman. So the Judge asks his son Andy (Mickey Rooney) to date Melodie, whom Andy refers to as a droop and a sad apple. The Judge hopes outgoing and fun Andy can bring some happiness to Melodie. Meanwhile, daughter Marian (Cecilia Parker) has returned home from the big city, seemingly more mature and sophisticated with some newfangled ideas that don't sit well with her conservative parents.

The idea that high school boys wouldn't fall over themselves to date Donna Reed, one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen, is a bit of a joke but these types of plots were and still are common in Hollywood. Some of the ideals and morals in these Hardy films may be mocked by cynical modern viewers but there's something to be said for them, I think. They're good old-fashioned wholesome stories with a nice mix of drama and comedy. The cast of regulars is great. Frieda Inescort plays Reed's mother. In an amusing bit of trivia, Todd Karns plays a boy interested in Donna Reed's character. In Reed's most famous movie, It's a Wonderful Life, Karns played her brother-in-law Harry Bailey.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

The Judge Fixes Andy Up

In The Courtship Of Andy Hardy, Lewis Stone gets Andy to actually help him out with one of his troubling domestic cases. In small town Carvel where everybody knows everybody and everybody's business, I guess this extralegal activity is expected especially from one who takes his obligations of office seriously as Judge Hardy did.

The ongoing battles between divorced parents Harvey Stephens and Frieda Inescourt are having deleterious effect on their daughter Donna Reed. Donna plays a plain Jane sort who doesn't socialize much. As Stone knows the parents he fixes Andy up with Reed. He can do so because Andy's steady girl Ann Rutherford is out of town. That's a running Hardy series gimmick, Polly Benedict goes out of town and Andy gets to play around.

Not all the family problems are with Andy in this film. Cecelia Parker as sister Marian has herself involved with William Lundigan, a decent enough fellow, but with a severe drinking problem. Again the personal and professional roles of Judge Hardy get kind of mixed in this situation as well.

The Courtship Of Andy Hardy is not a bad example of what this series was all about. But were families ever as wholesome as the Hardys?

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