The Cookout


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 3.7 10 2782


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Farrah Fawcett as Mrs. Crowley
Queen Latifah as Security Guard
Meagan Good as Brittany
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Spacetree 1 / 10

No, please Hollywood, pander to us more. We don't find it insulting.

First, I'd like to start of by saying I'm black. So I took especial dislike to this film along with the regular dislike due to the absolute horridness of this movie. I can imagine the conversation at the studios regarding this mess of a movie...

Exec 1: Hey, I've got a great idea for a movie. Exec 2: Shoot Exec 1: Well, it's going to aimed at the black community. So it'll make money without us having to spend money. Exec 2: Or use creativity! Exec 1: Exactly. We use the Black movie formula. Number one, find a topic that the black "community" can relate to. You, know, something that's solely afrocentric. Like "da hood", or rap, or dancing, or how "da sistas" play games with men, or basketballs, or like... a cookout! Number 2, stuff a bunch a race relation jokes in it and pass it off as comedy. Number 3, get one good actor, a rapper, and a white person (you know, so the race relation jokes seem at least semi-relevant), then get a bunch of no name actors. And number 4, put some type of easily grasp high concept, like family or community. And wa la! You've got a movie that'll make money without the makers putting anything (and I mean anything) into it! Exec 2: It's gold!

Unfunny, uninspiring, unoriginal, and insulting to your intelligence whether you're black, white, Asian, native American, Arabic, south Asian, Hispanic or pacific islander, but especially if your black. This is what Hollywood thinks black people want. Mindless entertainment that panders to their race. And frankly, it makes me angry. The story was uneven, the jokes failed to illicit even a chuckle, the acting is bad, and the "high concept" was lost in the swirling mass of awful that was this movie.

A complete and utter waste of time.

Reviewed by michaelaweiss 1 / 10

I'd Watch a Piece of Crap before I'd Watch this Again

I'm a white guy and if I was black i would have been insulted by this film. In no way was this film funny, in no way did this film have a story. The Cookout wasn't even the main focal point. This film should have been called The Family. People should look at this film as a very very poor interpretation of the black community. Barbershop was a far better film with far better writing, directing and acting. Danny Glover was in this film, WHY? He was in one of the greatest buddy cop movies of all time, does he need the money? How does this crap get made, who thought this was a good idea and did anyone watch the dallies? If you are looking to not laugh, be insulted and fall asleep go rent this crap fest of a film.

Reviewed by rpdramamama 1 / 10

Why didn't they just pull out some whips and start picking cotton?

This movie was a disgrace. It was racist towards more than just black people. I mean, seriously, I'm black and I have never seen a black mama behave the way the character was portrayed. She was always going off at the mouth and nothing she said was believable or fully in character. I really just wanted to jump out of my seat and dropkick the screen by the time the cliché "homosexual" chefs made their "dramatic exit". But instead I settled for launching into conversation with my nearest neighbor. All of the white characters were unbelievable, the father was a disgrace, and the entire movie was just pitiful.

And I've never been to a cookout where they served chitterlings. It's too dang on hot in the summer to be eating chitterlings or collard greens. I did rather enjoy Queen Latifah though, even in a ridiculously written role she was believable and hilarious. She made it worth my while.

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