The Confession



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Adrian Paul as Dylan Bennett
Sherry Stringfield as Laura Mayfield Bennett
Katie Leclerc as Katie Lapp
Bill Oberst Jr. as Samuel Lapp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waterstradtc 8 / 10

Great story and well done movie miss original Katie

I loved the whole story of this second part of the trilogy. The script was wrote, acted, and directed well. There were two actor changes that I noticed. The main character Katie is a new actress as well as the husband of her birth mom. I much would have preferred the original Katie as she did such a great job in The Shunning. The new actress for Katie was good but my heart was with the previous.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Confession Rates ****

A treasure of a film where a young girl of Amish heritage seeks out her real mother who had given her up for adoption,some 20 years before.

The mother, a very wealthy woman, returns home to learn that she is terminally ill and that her husband has continued his gambling habit. She wants to write him out of the will. He hires a waitress, aspiring to be an actress, to act the part of the daughter. When the real daughter arrives at the estate, she is taken in as a servant, realizing immediately what is going on here.

The film is great as it also deals with a mother's intuition. The heart rendering ending is excellent

Reviewed by momcat316 8 / 10

POSSIBLE SPOILER - this review should follow that of bigsword in order to make sense

A young Amish woman tries to meet her birth mother, but is beaten to the meeting by an imposter

there is no excuse, much less reason, to denigrate the movie by further lowering yourself by the outrageous referral to down syndrome - how 19th century of you. the movie is enjoyable and many of us with various handicaps actually NEED a calm, well told, beautifully set story. the actors and actresses - yes, I prefer the difference - did an excellent job of presenting their characters, having spent time in Missouri's Mennonite country, I appreciate the effort it takes to become "bilingual" as it were. I would appreciate knowing the location of the beautiful home used as the family mansion. I have been to Canandegua, but remember nothing so grand, wonderful people and my only view of the Erie Canal. Why did the credits only reference North Carolina. a word to those responsible for the credits. there are many of us who must rely on your thoroughness as a bedside tour guide. and for those wondering, my problems include doing all my typing with one finger. do not impair my ability to enjoy a good story.

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