The Clockwork Girl


Action / Adventure / Animation / Fantasy

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Carrie-Anne Moss as Admiral Wells
Alexa PenaVega as Tesla
Brad Garrett as T-Bolt
Geoff Gustafson as Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imissbionix 5 / 10

More ambition than budget and experience

A constant among other reviews has been to point out the dated animation. There's a very good reason why the movie looks the way it does: it is a low budget indie CG film produced by first timers nearly a decade ago. Labeling The Clockwork Girl as a 2021 release is somewhat misleading. The film was finished in 2013 and aired on Canadian premium television shortly after. It just took until 2021 for the movie to gain widespread distribution. It is a shame, because the visual style is appealing (well, outside of Huxley, but that's the point), it's just let down by technical aspects.

The movie does a good job of keeping things going. Everything feels brisk and the plot progression happens smoothly in ways that make sense. I did come in expecting star-crossed lovers and thankfully, the movie does subvert that a bit. However, the runtime leaves a few things underdeveloped, including the villain. There's a twist at the end that really changes how prior actions are viewed, yet the movie has no time to acknowledge that before the credits roll. We needed more of an epilogue to wrap the story up.

Acting wise, I felt the main cast did well. Alexa Vega was great as Tesla. Huxley is kind of a brat and I guess Jesse McCartney was okay. Carrie Anne Moss was also a highlight.

Soundtrack-wise, the pop song inserts were very out of place. They did not fit the action scenes in a movie that's largely somber in tone. Thankfully, there are only a few, but the rest of the score was forgettable.

Reviewed by willemlourens 8 / 10

Feel good fantasy movie

A feel good family movie that can be enjoyed by old and young, it kept us entertained from beginning to end.

A unique storyline based on an intruquite fantasy world, with interesting characters and unexpecting twists, offering a lot more than special effects.

Reviewed by mellowd-79169 10 / 10

Low budget but charming

Tesla and Huxley OTP!

The production values look like a video game, but once you get past that, the world, story and cast is fantastic. I do wish this had a decent budget for the visuals, but this was an indie film made with love and it shows.

I was a big fan of the comic series, so it's nice to see it come to life! I hope they make a sequel or into a tv series.

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